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    Of course Jibbs fans as we are would love to have your stories. So why don't you just send them to me?

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    There are some qualifications I would like your story to fulfil:

    1. Please give some information at the beginning.
    The following are obligatory:
    Author, Rating, Category, Contents, Disclaimer.
    If you like, you can give other information, too (e.g. Author's Notes, additional pairings etc.)

    2. Please devide long stories (more than 5000 words) into chapters; it's easier to read.

    3. Uhh... your story, in any case, has to be a JIBBS fanfiction.
    Of course - this is a Jibbs archive; other pairings in the story will be no problem, as long as Jibbs is the main pairing.

    4. I want this archive to be a reputable one, so please note some things:

    - The given rating should be chosen carefully; if you're not sure, please give the story a higher rating.
    - Every rating from G to Adult (NC-17) is okay...
    - ...but not every category: I won't take MPreg, Rape, RPS, GB etc.; everything you could call 'loathing category'.
    - And I won't take stories with racist contents or such that are glorifying violence.