Theories & Metas

Speculating and theorizing about what happens in episodes (or movies), possible outcomes, as well as theories concerning spoilers, previews etc.

So I just finished watched last night’s episode (after my alarm clock failed to wake me, argh) and…woah.


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After making a post on how we have to face the possibility that Destiel will become canon this season, I received an anonymus ask:

So this time last year I was binge watching SPN and it was my first time seeing it so I’m pretty new. Is it typical for the fans towards the end of the season to start talking about how their ships going to become canon? I don’t wanna get my hopes up…

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It’s strange, you know? For all the shows I’ve seen so far in my life – and that’s a lot, trust me – I’ve never been with one from start to finish and loved it for just as long. Sure, I watched Stargate from the very first episode on, but given that it was ten years, the enthusiasm decreased with time. I still enjoyed the show, but the big love? No, that was long gone.

There were others I watched for years and saw end, but not a single one of them meant as much as to me as The Mentalist.

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So many people seem to be worried because of the spoiler that said something about Jane giving a speech in 7×10. Now, we all know what will happen in the episode – the promo made that clear, one of them will die, and those who have paid attention also know who it will be.

But, as usual, I am not worried when it comes to Jane and especially Jane & Lisbon, contrary to the seemingly common mood in the fandom right now.

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I wanted to be disappointed. Really. Actually I was disappointed after watching the season premiere. Promos, articles and interviews big on promising loads of Jisbon, and then that? Huh. Not really what I was expecting. No kiss, no hug, no shared house, no nothing we got to see. Well, apart from some origami and an oldtimer.

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Behind the cut for spoiler and length reasons.

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