I’ve been a SIMS player for a long time now. That said, you don’t have to think that I’d play all the time. Quite the contrary; sometimes I won’t play for months at a time, then have a week or two when I’m totally crazy about it again (or another game, like PORTAL for example), before it all returns to “normal” (= not playing).

And sometimes, I don’t play – I just create. Styles, Sims and – houses.

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Let’s take a look back. OUAT wasn’t a show I just decided to watch because everyone else did. Not living in America, I generally have to rely on luck to steer me towards new shows, especially when they haven’t been aired here yet. Sometimes it may also be thanks to friends/acquaintances on the web, but that’s only on rare occasions.

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Did I mention that I’m a proud owner of a Bluray player and a HD TV?

Yes, I can be very stubborn at times. I love new tech, but sometimes I just resent certain things. Same happened with HD when it all started. In tech markets they had TVs that showed a comparision between HD and normal solution, and I always said: I don’t see any difference. And anyways, what’s wrong with the quality we have? It looks just fine. Continue reading

Full Marvel’s The Avengers Blu-ray Details | Avengers | News |

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