Because I think what welovethebeekeeper on Tumblr has done is a good idea, I follow:

I’ve been in fandoms – various, many of them – for more than 15 years. I started writing fanfics at approximately the same time as I first came in contact with the internet – in 2002.

Since then, I’ve written more than a hundred stories – 111 says FFN at the moment. I love writing fanfic, it’s for me a way to channel real life in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone; it gives me a good feeling and has helped me a lot in the past years. I have this quote on my wall that says, “Fanfiction – because it’s cheaper than therapy.” And it is.

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I felt that it was about time that I got some Doctor Who themed t-shirts – and what better to use than Whovian advices?

If you like, you can have the designs in a printable format (I have special paper you print on and then iron onto the shirt; can be purchasd on Amazon, for example). Just contact me :) Also, I can make variations (with different texts/advices) if you want.

I can’t believe it. When I first “met” River Song back in S4 with Ten, I almost hated her. At least I hoped I’d never see her again.

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So ever since I read that Robert Carlyle had once been considered for the role of the Doctor – I think it must have been the 11th – I just can’t get rid of that thought.

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So obviously I had to make a wallpaper for the 50th Anniversary… and here it is. Full resolution, as promised earlier on Twitter 😉

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After yesterday’s angsty/sad WP I had to do something a bit happier, also because I need it right now, as RL is not really nice to me right now…

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