Reviews to TV show episodes and books, mostly. At the moment, it’s ONCE UPON A TIME and THE MENTALIST as well as SHERLOCK.

So I just finished watched last night’s episode (after my alarm clock failed to wake me, argh) and…woah.


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It’s strange, you know? For all the shows I’ve seen so far in my life – and that’s a lot, trust me – I’ve never been with one from start to finish and loved it for just as long. Sure, I watched Stargate from the very first episode on, but given that it was ten years, the enthusiasm decreased with time. I still enjoyed the show, but the big love? No, that was long gone.

There were others I watched for years and saw end, but not a single one of them meant as much as to me as The Mentalist.

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Behind the cut for spoiler and length reasons.

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When rewatching the season finale, I had that thought that it could have gone differently. And I’m not talking about the ending. Sure there were lots of possibilities; but what I’m thinking of in particular is the part with Lisbon finding out about Jane’s scam.

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There is so much that can be said about last night’s episode, and I will have to find the words for my review which I fear will turn out to be quite long (le sigh), but there is something I really need to point out:

The ingeniousness of Bruno Heller and his team.

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This is the first part; I might do a longer review later on.

I won’t even try anymore, because they aren’t either. Seriously, you can analyze the scenes, but then what? The result will always be the same. They couldn’t be more obvious even if they wanted to, because there is no “more obvious”. You can’t get more of something that is already at its highest point/grade.

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