Howdy Folks!

What to tell about myself?! Good question…

The lovely Liz, who owns this blog, is always telling me I’m the biggest geek she knows… I’m always trying to prove her wrong but until now I failed that task miserably. *sigh*

Since my early teenage years different TV shows have always been a part of my life… I always loved crime shows and even started shipping before the term was really “invented” on the net – just didn’t know it back then.

I started my “TV-career” with shows like MacGyver (yeah, I still think that you can fix a LOT of things with just a paperclip and some rubber bands ;)) and Remington Steele.

Thanks to my brother I kinda stumbled across a sci-fi show called Babylon 5. First I laughed at him for watching such stuff…well after just a few eps I was hooked and knew the show a lot better than him. *whoops*

Next thing what happened is that I spent a night at my cousin’s house and we sneaked into the living room at night to watch an ep of this new kinda spooky show called The X Files… even though it was the ep “Ice” and I was really spooked by it the seed was sown and I was hooked to that show and a lot of other sci-fi / mystery / crime shows in the years to come…

After discovering this veeeery interesting new thing called the world wide web and polishing my English skills by watching shows like Stargate SG-1 in English (yeah, I know, sounds kinda contradictory in retrospect ;)) I found another “world” that’s still pretty amazing – Conventions. Oh my…

I’ll always be grateful to a guy named Thomas for taking me to my first FedCon in 2002… I love to meet those crazy fans up close and personal! And well, every year when I go there I still think that I’m kinda normal compared to some people I meet there… 😀

At the moment there aren’t that many sci-fi shows to watch (just Fringe and Warehouse 13) so I just *had* to start watching crime shows like Castle and Rizzoli & Isles… and according to Liz, I’m hopelessly addicted to Castle… 😉

Ok, before I ramble on even more… some short facts: I love a lot of TV shows and movies, I like to listen to music, take a lot of photographs, read tons of books, even started geocaching and I’m young enough at heart to admit that my inner child is still veeeery present… 😉

Any questions?! Just send me a mail (spooky (a) or write something below… and no fear, I don’t bite…very often… 😉

Love / LLAP / May the Force be with you or *insert greeting of choice here*,


2 Responses to …Spooky

  • Liz says:

    True. She doesn’t bite. But who needs to bite when one is a woman? *gg*
    Btw, sorry to break the news to you, hun, but you’ll always fail when it comes to proving me that you are not a geek. I daresay that it would be easier to prove that you’re not human 😀

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