Doctor Who

Okay, can someone please explain it to me, because even though I work in that damn business, I don’t get it.

I live thousands of kilometers away from the US. I neither have the time nor the money to fly to every con over there, as much as I’d love to. On cons they show trailers and sneak peeks of shows I love, but people who have the opportunity to go to those cons are not allowed to share ANYTHING about it online.

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When I got into Doctor Who, it was by mere chance. Originally I just wanted to watch Torchwood and check out Jack Harkness’ origins. Needless to say that Doctor Who quickly became the show I went crazy about, while to the day Torchwood is nothing more than enjoyable to watch.

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I felt that it was about time that I got some Doctor Who themed t-shirts – and what better to use than Whovian advices?

If you like, you can have the designs in a printable format (I have special paper you print on and then iron onto the shirt; can be purchasd on Amazon, for example). Just contact me :) Also, I can make variations (with different texts/advices) if you want.

My fangirl (hi)story

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Yesterday at midnight the BBC shocked millions (and no, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) of Doctor Who fans:

Matt Smith is putting down his bow tie this Christmas – he steps down from playing the Doctor to make way for number 12. Twitter literally exploded – no surprise here – and the hashtag #ThankYouMatt was immediately formed (as well as #BowtiesAreCool).

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I can’t believe it. When I first “met” River Song back in S4 with Ten, I almost hated her. At least I hoped I’d never see her again.

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