Emma Swan

I guess it is about time that we learn something about Rumple’s history – and I mean the one before there were Milah and Bae. Here now we get a glimpse into his childhood… and into the “birth” of another character.

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Storybrooke’s back! Or better, we are back in Storybrooke, and finally see some familiar faces again that have been absent for this season until now.

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Back into action. Yes, I think ONCE UPON A TIME is slowly finding back to its own dynamic, and I hope they manage to keep that now. That is not to say that I’m yet completely happy with the show (again), but it looks good for getting there.

One thing before I get started: The title card animation with the mermaid was gruesome. Sorry, but this looked more like taken from a horror movie than anything else.

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And after a good year, we finally get Hook’s history. This episode was actually interesting in that regard, even though it left a question or two unanswered… questions it prompted to begin with, where I didn’t think it should have. Continue reading

OUAT’s most recent episode gave us a father-son-reunion. Two, actually. And really, it is starting to get a bit annoying. Continue reading

Phew. Three episodes into the season and I’m not a happy camper. Not at all. there are some things going on that make me afraid that Ed&Adam will seriously mess up some things, if they don’t pull the emergency break now. But then, I guess I always knew why I only trust two/three showrunners… and why Ed&Adam, as awesome as OUAT is (I yet refuse to say “used to be”), are not among them. Continue reading