Grace Van Pelt

Hello mythology, my old friend…

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When TV doesn’t let you breath. Well, THE MENTALIST recently does a good job with that.

Be aware that this includes MAJOR SPOILERS!

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It was nice for a change to have some happiness in an episode, especially now that we’re closing in on Red John and everything is getting more thrilling. So episode three of THE MENTALIST’s season six promised some really happy moments – and most definitely fulfilled that promise. Continue reading

Finally the new season of THE MENTALIST has arrived. It was a long wait, especially with all the spoilers we were teased with over the summer – and the promise that this season will be a breathtaking rollercoaster. Well, looking at the season premiere, they once again seem to keep their promises. Continue reading

Shortly before the finale, Bruno and his team give us a light-hearted episode that is especially a treat for all Rigsby/Van Pelt shippers out there.

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The week THE MENTALIST taught us that even a coffee between colleagues can be quite chilly for the viewer. But then I guess everything’s chilly when it comes to one certain person…

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