Red John

It’s strange, you know? For all the shows I’ve seen so far in my life – and that’s a lot, trust me – I’ve never been with one from start to finish and loved it for just as long. Sure, I watched Stargate from the very first episode on, but given that it was ten years, the enthusiasm decreased with time. I still enjoyed the show, but the big love? No, that was long gone.

There were others I watched for years and saw end, but not a single one of them meant as much as to me as The Mentalist.

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When TV doesn’t let you breath. Well, THE MENTALIST recently does a good job with that.

Be aware that this includes MAJOR SPOILERS!

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Since this is a TBC episode – I think the first ever in the history of THE MENTALIST – I won’t say much about it. I have mentioned in a review before that with the straight path they’re walking at the moment, analyzing and speculating doesn’t make much sense at this point.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that I need to mention.

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And the award for one of the best teams on television goes to: Bruno Heller and the team of THE MENTALIST!

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It was nice for a change to have some happiness in an episode, especially now that we’re closing in on Red John and everything is getting more thrilling. So episode three of THE MENTALIST’s season six promised some really happy moments – and most definitely fulfilled that promise. Continue reading