Thor: The Dark World

After months and months of waiting, we finally got to watch THOR: THE DARK WORLD yesterday.

For those who haven’t seen it yet – be aware that this is a full review, so it includes major spoilers. I give you a general impression: That’s one hell of a movie. You will laugh. And you will cry. I won’t say why, because there are many reasons to cry, whether it’s because of laughter or sorrow. In any way, bring tissues.

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One thing you need to know about me: I hate crowds. I’m an extremely people-shy person, always stay away from bigger crowds and gatherings. I’m rather small (about as tall as Natalie) and slim and hate not being in control of what happens around me, which is impossible when you have people surrounding you.

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The trailer for THOR: THE DARK WORLD is finally out and I can’t even begin to tell how excited I am.

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What did I ask in my July 20th post? How many fangirls/-boys can one movie cope with?

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This is kind of a summary of the past week, what news came in, and what else I found on the web…

… and what made me squee. 😉

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The logos for THOR 2 and IRON MAN 3 are out. I’m excited about both movies (and it’s pure torture that it will still take so long for them to come out), but… well, see for yourself. —- SPOILERS AHEAD!!! —-

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