A lot has been said about this episode already, by me as well, but I nevertheless want to go into again because there is so much to see and analyze, and I love how it is like this, because that makes a good TV show – at first you laugh a lot (and I sure did), but then you look behind all that and it is not so funny anymore. Continue reading

Reaction to this post. Universally relevant and especially to the SHERLOCK (HOLMES) fandom, therefore respost here.

Okay, so I’m the last person who is opposed to homosexuality, or any other kind of sexuality. People may love whom and how they want.
But. Please stop making a big thing of it everytime someone assumes another person is straight unless stated otherwise. For two reasons:
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I want to follow all those amazing people who write great articles and opinions on the Sherlock BFI screening incident, and I want to read and comment and share and discuss… but I feel terribly drained, emotionally, at the moment.
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Because I think what welovethebeekeeper on Tumblr has done is a good idea, I follow:
I’ve been in fandoms – various, many of them – for more than 15 years. I started writing fanfics at approximately the same time as I first came in contact with the internet – in 2002.
Since then, I’ve written more than a hundred stories – 111 says FFN at the moment. I love writing fanfic, it’s for me a way to channel real life in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone; it gives me a good feeling and has helped me a lot in the past years. I have this quote on my wall that says, “Fanfiction – because it’s cheaper than therapy.” And it is.
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Is it too much to hope that Caitlin Moran will see any of our posts and realize what she’s done? That she’ll even feel guilty and apologize? I don’t know. Wonders do happen.
What bothers me, personally, is that after a night’s sleep (and a bad one, no kidding) I have very strange feeling about writing fanfic. I’ve written more than 100 stories in the past ten years, and I was never worried about it, but now I feel like I should be very careful what I post, thanks to Ms. Moran (anyone else noticing her last name the irony of it?).
Recently I started reading “Fic – Why Fanfiction is taking over the world” and I think it points out some very interesting and important facts. They’ve been named here on Tumblr before also – for example, that Sherlock (the BBC series, or any other televised form/cinematic realization, for that matter), is nothing else than fanfiction, either.
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Okay, can someone please explain it to me, because even though I work in that damn business, I don’t get it.
I live thousands of kilometers away from the US. I neither have the time nor the money to fly to every con over there, as much as I’d love to. On cons they show trailers and sneak peeks of shows I love, but people who have the opportunity to go to those cons are not allowed to share ANYTHING about it online.
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(There are my thoughts I just needed to get down. I’m sure this whole analysis/text/whatever has been done countless times already, but I’m new to the fandom and always use the opportunity to get my own opinion down before I read others, since my head likes to be busy 😉 Also, I’m starting from the scratch, have not yet read the original stories by Doyle – have only just started with that – and thus use what I see.)
I’ve never been a slasher, and also not the biggest fan of slash ships where they are not canon. I never actively shipped a slash couple, even though I didn’t mind the canon ones like, for example, Jack/Ianto on TORCHWOOD (and I still shipped Jack/Gwen till the very end).
Now, however, a non-canon slash ship has found me and made me love it from the very first minute on: Johnlock.
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Long time, no post – even my blog suffers from the silly season. But as we close in on September and the return of our favorite shows, it’s now time to dust the blog – and that I do with a new show I discovered for myself.
The blessing and at the same time curse of coming into a new fandom is that there is an awful lot to talk and think about.
About three weeks back I started watching SHERLOCK. I wanted to buy some DVDs when I was in Ireland, but they didn’t have anything of what I wanted, so out of frustration I bought SHERLOCK. Many people had been suggesting to me to watch it, and m Twitter was full of it, so I thought, might as well give it a try, seems to be good.
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When I got into Doctor Who, it was by mere chance. Originally I just wanted to watch Torchwood and check out Jack Harkness’ origins. Needless to say that Doctor Who quickly became the show I went crazy about, while to the day Torchwood is nothing more than enjoyable to watch.
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