I felt that it was about time that I got some Doctor Who themed t-shirts – and what better to use than Whovian advices?
If you like, you can have the designs in a printable format (I have special paper you print on and then iron onto the shirt; can be purchasd on Amazon, for example). Just contact me 🙂 Also, I can make variations (with different texts/advices) if you want.

Yesterday at midnight the BBC shocked millions (and no, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) of Doctor Who fans:
Matt Smith is putting down his bow tie this Christmas – he steps down from playing the Doctor to make way for number 12. Twitter literally exploded – no surprise here – and the hashtag #ThankYouMatt was immediately formed (as well as #BowtiesAreCool).
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So ever since I read that Robert Carlyle had once been considered for the role of the Doctor – I think it must have been the 11th – I just can’t get rid of that thought.
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Even though THE MENTALIST’s penultimate episode of this season has nothing to do with Red John (not more than your average case of the week episode, anyways), there was, at least to me, this shadow, this sword of Damocles, hovering over it. Continue reading

…and thanks to Liz I just *have* to write it down here…
And of course this theory is about Once upon a Time.
Since Liz introduced me to this show my head is spinning and I have a lot of crazy ideas about the characters…some I have to share, others are way tooo absurd to let them out into the world, even for me… 😉
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Let’s take a look back. OUAT wasn’t a show I just decided to watch because everyone else did. Not living in America, I generally have to rely on luck to steer me towards new shows, especially when they haven’t been aired here yet. Sometimes it may also be thanks to friends/acquaintances on the web, but that’s only on rare occasions.
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Oh yeah…she did it again! Liz made me watch Once upon a Time and of course I fell in love with that show. And I still don’t know if I should hug or curse her for that… *sigh* Continue reading

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