I originally had other plans for the afternoon, but I somehow got stuck with re-reading my old entries and it is so amusing. Because I read my theories and so many of them became true. I’m so proud right now, lol.

Also, since I have already written reviews for OUAT S2 and most of S3, I will only comment on these reviews during my rewatch. And maybe there’ll be some new things to discover… 😉

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve written something here.

It’s also been a long time since I’ve last seen OUAT.

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This was an ask I received after reblogging and tagging a post on gender identity, dating and opinions on that.

# EXACTLY # DATING DOESN’T MEAN MEET A FEW TIMES AND THAT’S IT # IDEALLY IT CONTINUES AND SOONER OR LATER INCLUDES SEX # AND SORRY # AS ACCEPTING OF EVERYONE AS I MAY BE # PHYSICALLY I’M STRICTLY INTO MEN # AND MEN ONLY # PERSONAL // lmao okay 1. asexual erasure, 2. “Physically into men” by which you mean “i’m a transphobic cissexist asshole” bye

For the record – my original tags were not in caps. It makes them sound very differently and very aggressive, which they were never intended to be.)
Hello, extremely polite and considerate person. Thank you for messaging me. Let me please reply accordingly and tell you…
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Okay, before the episode is on next Sunday, I have to get a few theories and thoughts out, especially in face of certain (non-)spoilers.
Please be aware that this is of course possibly SPOILERy, so turn away now if you don’t want to know.
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Because I think what welovethebeekeeper on Tumblr has done is a good idea, I follow:
I’ve been in fandoms – various, many of them – for more than 15 years. I started writing fanfics at approximately the same time as I first came in contact with the internet – in 2002.
Since then, I’ve written more than a hundred stories – 111 says FFN at the moment. I love writing fanfic, it’s for me a way to channel real life in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone; it gives me a good feeling and has helped me a lot in the past years. I have this quote on my wall that says, “Fanfiction – because it’s cheaper than therapy.” And it is.
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