The newest MENTALIST episode brought us some very important news that promise to make the rest of the season thrilling like this show was never before. Because it was all about Lorelei Martins.

The first information we get is that Lorelei’s disappearance from prison happened 19 days ago. 19 days? In six (or five) episodes? Wow, quite the short time all that happened. In any way is Jane now interrogating prison drivers whether they’ve brought Lorelei out of jail. What surprised me here was that Lisbon was obviously fully informed about it. Sure does she need to know it; in the past, however, that seldom meant that Jane actually informed her also.
At first, as it comes to the case, Jane seems to be distracted. Not surprising; his attention will focus on the Red John case, no matter what happens. Nevertheless he is, after his interest is piqued, as perceptive as always. That’s not what I want to talk about though. It’s a case like most, interesting, tricky, and thanks to the team (well, mostly Jane) also kind of funny… even though it’s probably not meant to be 😉
But, the whole episode came with some Jane/Lisbon moments, and within the case there were two.
The first I thought was rather curious was when the kidnapper called Lisbon “bitch”. He’d been quite until then, but as soon as he’d said it, Jane interrupted. Aggressively. Of course it was part of his plan; there’s almost no doubt there. Maybe he even only waited for the right moment to play his hand, since we later learned that it was all one big grand scheme to catch the criminals. Still, the timing made me wonder if there’s not that little bit of protectiveness that also made him react. We know that Jane, as cowardly as one might call him, has this protective side when it comes to Lisbon. He may show it in his very own way, but it is there.
Apart from the protectiveness, there’s this other thing that made me halt in my thoughts. Jane criticized Lisbon after their “performance” – while he praised Rigsby. Now there was nothing bad about what Lisbon did; she was very convincing, at least to my mind. Here is this other side of their relationship as well as Jane; that one where you can see them as teenagers who are very hesitant, even though they like each other. Before he praises her, he rather looks for something, even the tiniest thing, to criticize her. Not because there is a reason, but because it’s another way of saying “I like you”. We only care about what another person does and especially how she/he does it if we like said person.
There is this air between Jane and Lisbon that has gone from light bickering to some deep insecurity because suddenly they have both become aware of their feelings. And I say both because they were both present when 1) Jane “confessed” to Lisbon in the season finale and 2) Lorelei talked about it in the season premiere.
The third moment I noticed – outside the weekly case – is that, while Lisbon is informed about Jane’s investigation regarding Lorelei and the driver, he doesn’t tell her that he may have (or has) found the right one. Lisbon senses it and offers him her help – but he obviously doesn’t want it.
It may be my shipper mind, but I think that this has again something to do with Jane’s protectiveness over Lisbon. He doesn’t want her involved. As long as he can keep her away, and from as much as he can keep her away, he will do it. The less she knows and is involved in, the lower the risk for her. Red John wanted Lisbon’s head – literally – before, and he knows about their feelings for each other, or more so, he knows about Jane’s feeling for Lisbon (I said it before, that’s how Lorelei must have known it as well). And Jane was afraid before that those close to him could get hurt. The danger is more present than ever, and it could become very interesting still.
The big revelation follows at the end of the episode. Lorelei was secretly moved by the FBI. After last week’s episode that more or less confirmed that there’s someone within the FBI who’s working for Red John, this is just another proof of it. The question is now where Lorelei is – and if she is still alive. Since they make her appear so incredibly important – which she is – I doubt that she’s dead, but then, one never knows. In any way don’t I believe that she’s still in a normal federal prison, but at a special place where Red John had her move to.
In any way I assume that we’re building up to a Red John midseason finale… and I’m afraid that this will leave us with a terrible cliffhanger (on the other hand, that’s so not THE MENTALIST’s style… mhh…)
One of the last scenes shows Lisbon with the PR lady Brenda. Brenda is asking for Jane because she wants him in front of the press. When Lisbon offers to stand in for him since he’s not there, Brenda declines. Okay – one, I felt really sorry for Lisbon. Of course, she isn’t the one to stand in front of a camera, but that was mean.
Second : next week we’ll have an episode with Jane going on air. I wonder if there’s a hint somewhere that sooner or later Jane will train Lisbon… would like to see that 😉

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