Let’s take a look back. OUAT wasn’t a show I just decided to watch because everyone else did. Not living in America, I generally have to rely on luck to steer me towards new shows, especially when they haven’t been aired here yet. Sometimes it may also be thanks to friends/acquaintances on the web, but that’s only on rare occasions.

Actually there are many shows I only started watching after I had seen at least snippets and excerpts here. So far, CASTLE is the only show I started watching because people on my f-list on LiveJournal were talking about it all the time. But most other shows I had to see myself first before they piqued my interest.
With ONCE UPON A TIME this was no different.
The first time I saw/heard anything about it was on a local TV channel here that was/is airing the show. I only saw a preview, and I remember thinking, ah, that’s where HOUSE’s Jennifer Morrison is now… might be worth a try. Someday – I have enough shows and way too less time already.
Around the same time, I was spending some time on Youtube. You know how it is. You look for something, and suddenly you are somewhere entirely else. So I stumbled over a pretty good CASTLE vid. And since I’m very picky, “pretty good” gotta mean something – so I checked the other vids of that user. One of them was about ‘Rumplestiltskin & Belle’ from ‘OUAT’.
Consciously I didn’t even make the connection that it’s the same show I’d seen this preview of; the one with Jen Morrison. It just sounded familiar and something drew me towards it, made me watch it.
And oh my, if this didn’t look like any shipper’s dream, I didn’t know what could have. That was the moment I knew I had to watch this show. Turns out that this was the best decision I could ever have made. I don’t write pages and pages of reviews and analyses if something isn’t good or interesting enough.
That said, there’s something else I need to say.
Copyright on Youtube.
Throughout the past years, there were many songs as well as TV shows I only discovered thanks to mostly fan made videos on Youtube. Some artists I would never have taken any interest in had that page not been. Not to speak of some shows, like recently and as described above OUAT. MOONLIGHT is another case of a fan video making me watch the show.
It’s simple. When it comes to ships, I’m very easy to convince. If I see a couple I deem to be interesting, it is very likely that I’ll watch the show the couple is a part of. Shipping is very important to me; I didn’t write my Bachelor thesis about it for nothing. And even though there are shows like CRIMINAL MINDS I’m happy with despite there being not much to ship for, I usually go for the ones that come along with some romance.
So naturally a well made video about a couple I don’t know yet may just nudge me to look deeper into the whole thing.
Now, it isn’t all exclusively about shipping. THE MENTALIST and DOCTOR WHO I didn’t even start watching because of any couple, but because the show just looked so incredibly interesting that I couldn’t let go again. Same goes for my early TV obsessions like VOYAGER and STARGATE, though there mostly because I didn’t yet know what shipping is (and that it is normal… more or less ;)). And Rumbelle may have brought me to OUAT, but I nevertheless enjoy episodes that don’t have any Rumbelle in them immensely.
But back to the topic at hand. In the past years the whole copyright situation has worsened. Much. There’s a lot we here in Germany can’t watch anymore because it is blocked. Some videos are even banned, or the music is deleted. When all this started, I still tried to find ways around it, like many do, because I simply want to enjoy the videos.
Now, I don’t want to download any music or stuff without paying for it – because one, there are other ways, and two, Amazon has a great and huge shop that offers almost every song out there, and I’m more than happy and willing to pay for them since I don’t have to buy the whole album anymore only because I want one song.
I only want to watch the vids and maybe discover/find new songs, artists or TV shows. I will then pay for by buying songs, albums and DVDs/BDs. See where this is going? Blocking certain content for certain regions kills business opportunities. That’s what it comes down to. All the things that are done to avoid piracy of any kind also cause damage to honest customers. And those who don’t want to pay will find other ways – everyone knows that there are many possibilities avoid those blocks and stuff.
So, what purpose does all that have? I guess those who are responsible don’t know themselves. Not really. It’s another decision by another board of high position people who have no idea at all how the world and especially how young people work and think. They just think they do themselves some good – while in reality, they only make it worse. But I assume they will only realize that once they have learned it the hard way.
I have given up on finding ways around the blocks. If a video doesn’t work, I don’t watch it. Simple as that. But that also means I won’t hear new songs and buy them. I won’t get to know new TV shows and fall in love with them so much that I just have to get me the DVD boxes (mind you, this may not be such a bad thing with my lack of time and all).
I somehow I hope that more people out there will start to think like me so one day the music industry will realize what they’ve done wrong.
But then, I also still believe in the good in people.

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