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Dear Labyrinth fans – did anyone of you know that there was an actual scene of Jareth and Sarah kissing, and that even a song for it existed, named “First Kiss”, but that it was deleted because the test audience didn’t approve the scene?

Somehow understandable, as Sarah (or/and Jennifer Connelly) was still a child, but then, they had a scene with that! OMG!!! They DID kiss! Part of my isn’t so sure whether I would have wanted to see it (the age gap, yes, I’m somewhat old-fashioned ;)), but the other part is completely excited.
I’ve been searching the web for any further information about it, or even the song that was unfortunately cut. Seems David Bowie had never released it anywhere else.

The deleted scene had a duration of six minutes (six – wonder what else they were doing *lol* … sorry ^^). Wikipedia claims that David Bowie said that in an interview, and the link on Wikipedia leads to an interview with him (in German), but there’s no word about Labyrinth in it, so it’s kinda unconfirmed.

Yet I think I remember having read about it already a few years ago. But since there are no other infos about it anywhere, I’m not so sure whether this whole thing is true or only a cruel joke by someone knowing how excited Labyrinth fangirls would be. Does anyone know more about it?
I also would have liked to know when this scene was meant to be set in the movie. I think six additional minutes would have made the ballroom scene far too long, and there is already another song. That leaves it to be either an encounter where no song was played, like in the tunnels (but there Hoggle was present) or an unknown encounter.

Huh. Well, I like to speculate ^^ Maybe it would have been another scene in the end? But no, he was defeated then. I think IF there really was such a scene that was only deleated after the completion of the movie, then there has to be a hint in the following scenes. Though at the moment, I can’t think of anything.

Edit Oct. 3rd, 2019:

Re-reading this post, I remember that much, much later, long after finding this info, I read that an actual kiss never existed, but an early draft of the script had an almost kiss during the ballroom scene, when Jareth tried to kiss Sarah, and she even went with it for a moment. However, she fled the dream sequence before the actual kiss happened, in a similar way as known from the movie.

Apart from that, mentioned early script has a different final confrontation scene that is something between great and creepy – because Sarah ends up in Jareth’s bed chamber, in his bed, in fact. He openly states that he is no longer interested in Toby (as his heir), but instead had decided to take a queen, who of course is supposed to be Sarah. Naturally, she refuses. It’s a shame… but then, what would have happened to all those amazing fix-it fics if they had actually made her his queen in the movie? ;-P