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After a day at the office I took a look at a new sci fi mag in a bookstore and even though I haven’t bought it a tiny little blurb caught my eye and I just *had* to take out my new smart phone (yepp, it’s still smarter than me ;)) and surf the net to look something up…well…you really draw a certain amount of attention on yourself when you laugh out loud in public places… *enter innocent whistle here*
Why I had to laugh?! Watch for yourself…
Hulk Smash Loki: The Avengers Epic Battle

These are just a few impressions from my recent CASTLE marathon. I hadn’t seen any eps of the last season and so I watched the whole thing, all 23 episodes, within a few days, a week max.
Now CASTLE has long lost its big appeal it had on me in the beginning, but I enjoy the show nevertheless, and of course the whole Caskett shipper thing, though being kind of ridiculous by now – because it took them much longer than any logic would allow – is kind of nice and sweet.
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The logos for THOR 2 and IRON MAN 3 are out. I’m excited about both movies (and it’s pure torture that it will still take so long for them to come out), but… well, see for yourself. —- SPOILERS AHEAD!!! —-
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A little warning upfront: This is long. It has four pages in word.

As mentioned (several times *coughs*) before, Loki is the character I’ve taken most interest in when it comes to the Marvel movieverse. Even though the other characters are very interesting and come along with a lot potential, the adopted Odinson, especially since he is supposed to be the villain you shouldn’t root for, has a presence one can’t resist. Certainly I couldn’t.
Even more so as he’s not your typical villain, the one who’s evil, period. Actually, one could claim him to be simply misled and looking for love… or a hug, as Tom Hiddleston says himself.
I’m usually rather straight when it comes to my likings – there really has to be a good reason for me to not root for the hero at the end of the day. I might like the bad guy somewhere along the way through a story, but in the end, I’ll always wait and hope for the right one to win.
With AVENGERS, and then also THOR, it was different.
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