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You know the drill… please don’t change/edit, and please credit when you use them. Thanks 🙂
All icons/pics from the Deleted Scene “Thor and Loki before the coronation” you can find on the DVD and Bluray. Continue reading

Watching THE AVENGERS for the first time was kind of like being thrown into cold water. I really had my problems understanding the whole thing. The only characters I knew were Tony Stark & Pepper Potts, Nick Fury & Phil Coulson, and Natascha Romanoff. The Hulk I knew from stories, but nothing more. Everything else was new to me.
So when you have a movie that starts with a strange experiment, with a guy being called Hawk(eye) and sitting under the ceiling, with a scientist who’s obviously important and works on said experiments, and with another guy suddenly appearing after a bit of lightning, you of course get confused.
That was my first impression, of the beginning at least. My first general impression of the movie was: Can’t say I get it all, but it was definitely a nice watch. And I would watch it again. Continue reading

Before I start rambling here (and it will be rambling *lol*), I’d like to give an insight on how it came to the creation of this blog. The general story you can read in ‘About‘ – but there is a more recent story that brought me here.
It all started with one movie I never wanted to watch. Continue reading

So here we are. I’ve actually dared to take the step into the blogging world. And who inspired me to do this?
Tom Hiddleston.
No kidding.
This will be a blog of a fangirl. It will be about Tom, about Thor and The Avengers, about movies and TV shows I love, actors and actresses I adore. It will be about books I read, and everything that goes through my head whenever it comes to fandom(s).
I hope I’ll find the time to write something here at least once a week – I’d prefer it to be more often. There are so many ideas in my head, because I think a lot about fandom. Why? Read the ‘About’ section 😉
That’s it for my first entry… let’s see where this goes!