Monthly Archives: September 2012

This new spoiler agrees with what I wrote before about Rumbelle. And it brings me back to my contemplations about those two and what her return could mean.
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This is taken from the Facebook-App “Once: Untold Stories”. I discovered it and felt it to like the perfect present to my birthday… because, well, I’m a hopeless shipper 😉
Oh, and – I was grinning like mad at the fridge thing. I mean the letter itself is so incredibly adorable (and domestic *gg*), but the fridge comments are just hilarious… 😀
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So OUAT got me thinking. Surprise! (Uh oh. She’s thinking again. Run for your life!)
The show does something most of us probably never consider doing, even though we all (I hope?) know fairy tales. I tend to say that ONCE UPON A TIME more or less “Brothers Grimm: Origins” or maybe even “Fantastic tales: Origins” is. Because what do they do? Continue reading

I was thinking a while about a clever title, but… well, which one could be better than the show’s own?
Only last week I became enchanted – in every sense of the word – with this show about… well. Fairy tales? Actually, every time I want to tell someone about it, I’m not really sure how to call and describe it.
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