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…and thanks to Liz I just *have* to write it down here…
And of course this theory is about Once upon a Time.
Since Liz introduced me to this show my head is spinning and I have a lot of crazy ideas about the characters…some I have to share, others are way tooo absurd to let them out into the world, even for me… 😉
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Beware: This will include spoilers for episode 2×09 in the form of what I’ve seen in the promo.
With this episode, I had made the big mistake of watching about two minutes upfront. Usually, I only get the episode in the morning, since it is the middle of the night for us here when the shows are aired in the US. However, last Sunday night, the episode was on rather early, allowing me to catch a first glimpse at night before going to bed already… which was a massive mistake. I needed two hours to get my brain to shut up (and down) so I can go to sleep. But as said, I only watched about two minutes… so I was prepared for this episode, knowing brain overload was once again to come.
I had no idea.
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Woah… I’ve just seen last week’s ep of Bones – “The Patriot in Purgatory” – and well…after I wasn’t that happy with Bones in all those past weeks they really got me this time…
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ONCE UPON A TIME’s seventh episode of season two brought us a big step forward in the series mythology. And thus, I think it was kinda mean of Ed and Adam to have the episode storyline be about Ruby; have an episode plot at all, and not only the mythology plot. Because the latter, despite claiming only a small part of the 40-something minutes, was extremely strong. Or, as one is tempted to say: Hot…
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Let’s take a look back. OUAT wasn’t a show I just decided to watch because everyone else did. Not living in America, I generally have to rely on luck to steer me towards new shows, especially when they haven’t been aired here yet. Sometimes it may also be thanks to friends/acquaintances on the web, but that’s only on rare occasions.
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Oh yeah…she did it again! Liz made me watch Once upon a Time and of course I fell in love with that show. And I still don’t know if I should hug or curse her for that… *sigh* Continue reading