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And here we are, September 2013 – season three of Once Upon A Time. Dark nit looks out there, so to speak, we head into a world that isn’t as bright and shiny and colorful as the Enchanted Forest used to be, or SB was at least to some extent: Neverland awaits.
As announced at the end of last season, I’ll try and shorten my reviews, for I lack the time to write 10+ pages for every episode. So from now on, this will be a collection of notes of everything I noticed. Continue reading

Okay, can someone please explain it to me, because even though I work in that damn business, I don’t get it.
I live thousands of kilometers away from the US. I neither have the time nor the money to fly to every con over there, as much as I’d love to. On cons they show trailers and sneak peeks of shows I love, but people who have the opportunity to go to those cons are not allowed to share ANYTHING about it online.
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Just yesterday I noticed how in the unaired pilot, when they’re off to Angelo’s and John comes out of 221B, Sherlock waits for him, then goes back and closes the door – and John seemingly expects him to. I think this is fascinating on many levels, from both men’s sides.
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(There are my thoughts I just needed to get down. I’m sure this whole analysis/text/whatever has been done countless times already, but I’m new to the fandom and always use the opportunity to get my own opinion down before I read others, since my head likes to be busy 😉 Also, I’m starting from the scratch, have not yet read the original stories by Doyle – have only just started with that – and thus use what I see.)
I’ve never been a slasher, and also not the biggest fan of slash ships where they are not canon. I never actively shipped a slash couple, even though I didn’t mind the canon ones like, for example, Jack/Ianto on TORCHWOOD (and I still shipped Jack/Gwen till the very end).
Now, however, a non-canon slash ship has found me and made me love it from the very first minute on: Johnlock.
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