Monthly Archives: March 2019

The plan was, of course, to continue my OUAT rewatch and get through the show in more or less one go (meaning, without too many and too long breaks in between – life has these nasty habits).

But then my shipper antennas kinda went wild.

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So obviously plans are there to not go through with them, lol. I wanted to check out my old reviews and comment on them, but alas… I was too lazy and just wrote down anew what I noticed. Maybe I’ll go back to my old reviews in a combined post.

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Let’s continue with the episode that introduces us to a character played by an actor who has since found his way into several blockbuster movies as kind-of one of the main characters… still, I miss Jefferson.

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I originally had other plans for the afternoon, but I somehow got stuck with re-reading my old entries and it is so amusing. Because I read my theories and so many of them became true. I’m so proud right now, lol.

Also, since I have already written reviews for OUAT S2 and most of S3, I will only comment on these reviews during my rewatch. And maybe there’ll be some new things to discover… 😉