So I introduced my co-blogger, Spooky, to ONCE UPON A TIME (actually I nagged her for weeks so that she didn’t have any chance but to watch the show *gg*) and watched the first season with her (again). With shows like OUAT it is usually like this: You watch it for the first time and get the first layer of information. Second time – second layer. And so on. The higher the layer count you reach, the more details you spot, and still you won’t have seen everything. This is what happened to me – and I found some new things, plus I read some new spoilers for upcoming episodes.
2×04 The Crocodile
Damn me for not knowing all background to the tales and stories. I’m not familiar with Peter Pan, thus I had no idea what had really happened to Hook’s hand. I did some reading though, and am again amazed by all these little details and how clever they are included. In the original tale, Peter Pan cut off the hand and a crocodile ate it. Now the croc had tasted blood – literally – and followed Hook around, hoping for a dessert.
In the episode, Hook calls Rumple a crocodile because of his curious skin – and Rumple later cuts off Hook’s hand (though he doesn’t eat it… thankfully). So much for not staying in story. The How is using creative freedom, but certainly do the writers follow the original stories…
Funnily enough would this make Rumple also Peter Pan… more than it would make him the croc. But I guess that Rumple took the hand with him qualifies as ‘eating’ it, or in any way taking it away from its, um, rightful owner.
But, however, different is the outcome – because now it is Hook who follows the croc, or wants to, because as he said, he wants to skin a crocodile. Oh twisted world of OUAT, you’re again turning everything around and yet it still makes sense.
2×02 We Are Both
“I don’t care of it turns me green.” – Hello Oz shout-out (the spoken one after two scenes in which we saw a picture of flying monkeys in Henry’s Book – capital B – in season one). Now there was talk about bringing in the Wizard of Oz, so this might be just a nice little hint at that. The first time watching it had it slip me because there was too much to digest to pay attention to the little details. But that is why ONCE is a show you need to watch, like, a thousand times, and still you won’t catch everything.
Now I only wonder if, after Regina has started to *try* and become less addicted to magic (she should open a support group with Rumple…) so she can win Henry back, this may be hinting at her having a full-out relapse so she kind of becomes Elphaba (or the Wicked Witch of the West, whatever suits you – I’m a Wicked fan, so I go with Elphie), or if this implies just another evil – or maybe not so evil, who knows – character that will be introduced later. Question here is also who of Oz they’d bring in; only the Wizard, or the Witches as well? And maybe even Dorothy and her friends (I’m so voting for the TIN MAN cast *g*).
1×22 A Land Without Magic
There is this question that got a bit lost on me. I had it on my mind, but never got around to really think about it, as there was so much else to deal with.
For once, the whole Curse and its little safety mechanism. Okay, so I can’t claim to be an expert on magic, so I’m not sure I’ve understood it completely, but… True Love can break the Curse. Emma is True Love. But if the product of TL is *broken* – or killed – then the Curse will also be broken. I’d like to have Rumple now for an explanation *lol*
But that’s not really important, not anymore, as the Curse is broken, and has been by True Love’s Kiss (oh, look, any kind of love is fine ;)). And if I go into things past now while they are not relevant any longer, I will go insane…
What was brought back to my mind after watching the finale again was the purple smoke that is said to be magic by Rumple. Magic as retrieved from True Love.
And while I first thought the answer had already been there and I only didn’t see it, it obviously isn’t: Rumple’s reasons for bringing magic to Storybrooke are yet unclear. The easy answer would be: He needed this to regain his magic, or at least some of it, to search for Bae. Sounds logical and fitting. But seemingly there’s more to it than that. Why introduce magic to the whole town when only he needs it? He’d give Regina her powers back as well (theoretically; we saw how that worked out).
On the other hand was he on his way to the well with the plan to throw the potion into the well before the Curse was broken; this was… possibly good timing, but no surprise to Rumple. Yeah, thinking as I write. Almost forgot that he does nothing that isn’t thoroughly calculated (with the exception of Belle). He knew Emma would break the Curse any minute. He knew Henry wouldn’t die because he had faith in parental love, naturally so.
And still it remains unclear what he gains by bringing magic to the whole of Storybrooke instead of just himself.
I fear my head will explode before that season is over.
1×17 Hat Trick
There is this theory that the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland is actually Cora. After watching the episode again, I think there may even some truth to that, as Regina fears the QoH and they are obviously not on good terms. At all. Also, as we saw in 2×02, Regina pushed her mother through a mirror, a ‘looking glass’ – which is featured in the Alice in Wonderland saga in the way that its sequel is called “Through the Looking Glass”.
On the other hand did Rumple state that this whole world jumping isn’t within in his powers… well, not anymore at least, who knows if it maybe used to be. Also it would be very interesting to know how Cora became the QoH, and how Regina could have possibly known it… if she does.
So maybe… I’m arguing against myself now and say that it probably is quite unlikely, after all *lol*
Speaking of Hat Trick – when you know that Jen Morrison and Sebastian Stan are a couple in real life, it makes it very hard not to see the sparks flying between them. When I first watched the episode, I had no idea they were a couple, but still thought to see something there. I chose to ignore it since, well… no chance and especially no reason for shipping between those two, not in the show anyways. But the sparks were there… there was this one moment when they are talking and Emma pretends to believe that has them standing very close to each other and for a second or two, his eyes flicker down to her lips – which was the moment that really had me a tad confused the first time.
1×12 Skin Deep / Rumbelle
To sum it up: Rumple loves Belle. The catch with True Love’s Kiss is that both parties – or persons, for that matter – have to be in love with the other. Only if the love is mutual, the kiss has an effect. Thus, Rumple was/is indeed in love with Belle, ever since she was his caretaker in FTL, just as Belle is truly in love with him (there’s your awwwww-moment – and yes, that’s a long aw).
That’s just to say it straight out again, since some people on the web seem to doubt the sincerity of Rumple’s feelings for Belle (and even the other way around – hello???).
Now, Rumple has a big problem: He loves two people. He has his romantic love for Belle, and he has his parental love for Bae. So as evil as he may appear, there’s a good part inside him, and that part is anything but weak or suppressed by the Dark One. Because one could very well interpret that in the end, it wasn’t power he chose over love – it was parental love he chose over romantic love. Giving in to his love for Belle back in FTL would have meant losing his power – which subsequently would also have meant losing his chance to ever find Bae again. His parental love is inevitably connected to his power; which is a pretty damn good excuse to hold on to it.
So maybe Rumple isn’t such a coward after all. Would he have had a chance to find Bae without magic? Probably not. Without the aid of magic, finding his son in an unknown world with billions of people would have been impossible for pre-Dark One Rumple (or Rumple without powers due to crossing over to our reality, as he would have needed to do to ever find his son pre-Curse).
Belle in general
Then there is this other thing about Belle. A recent spoiler claims that living with someone who is bad/evil can have some sort of influence on a person. Now one can’t necessarily call Mr. Gold or Rumple evil – not entirely anyways. As concluded above, he does have a good core. But nonetheless he’s is going his usual ways, with trickery and playing with words and people, as he’s always done. And it may just have an effect on Belle. Now if Belle has to fight against her own dark side – a side everyone has, as we know and have seen often enough by now – she can’t help Rumple get rid of his. But Rumple needs her; she’s one of the keys to his retrieval of his good side, and also to unlocking of what I believe will prove to be courage in the end. If she’s preoccupied with herself, fighting against herself and the bad influence our world as well as partly Rumple bring to her innocence, she can’t be the leading light for Rumple he needs her to be.
Again the show leaves open so many questions… and something tells me that there are more to come with next Sunday’s episode…

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