tumblr_mw1c1tAkFn1rr9ucho1_1280Can I just say how proud I am of Benedict. I know it has been said a lot and by many people last night (and before that), but I just need to again.
This man seems to do nothing but work 24/7, and he deserves all the appreciation he can get for it, because he’s easily one of the best actors of all time (I’m saying that as someone who is terribly picky) and still apparently such a decent and kind-hearted person.
It’s a bit sad that actors and actresses need awards to get a certain kind of recognition they wouldn’t get otherwise; that a “xxx award-winning actor/actress” before a name is worth so much.
We fans don’t need Ben, or anyone else for that matter, to win an award to love them. We know how good they are. I love how someone we adore so much gets an award (a pretty important one also), and everyone’s not like, “Yay, he’s got an award, now we have even more reason to be his/her fan”, but instead says, “It’s about damn time he/she gets the recognition he/she deserves, and we’re so proud because we’re happy for him/her, but it doesn’t change anything for us because we knew it all along.”
It’s people like Benedict who deserve to be seen as ‘stars’, because they are in every way in the league of actually being just that – a star on many fans’ firmaments that lets us look up in awe because it is so beautiful, as it’s brightness is defined by exceptional skills and an amazing personality. And right now, Benedict’s star is a blinding bright one.
Congratulations, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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