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Oh well, what’s to tell. It was chaotic and exciting and exhausting and funny and OMG I SAW BENEDICT. He was, like, one meter away from me when he was signing some pics and stuff (sadly, I wasn’t close enough to get an autograph as well, but I’m not giving up!).

Oh, but it was a total shock and horror at first, because so much was happening at once, and all of a sudden someone said, there’s Benedict, and all I saw was him from the side, walking into the cinema, and I thought, no please not, that can’t happen now, It can’t be that he just walks past all his fans and vanishes and I have no photo, no video, nothing!
But then he came out again and took his time writing autographs and taking pictures, and talk to the press, and it was glorious, because he walked past me and my little group so many times, and I saw so much of him. Still can’t believe it; I look at my photos and videos, and just can’t believe that he was really here, and that I was so close to him. Oh, and that he is real, lol 😀
And then there were the others, who were all fabulous and so sweet, and Martin was giving an interview while standing very close to us (we were directly next to the press), and he was totally adorable and so happy, and joking and laughing, and then he was signing as well. I’ve actually only now, after Monday, come to really, really like him (I liked him before, but now all I wanna do is cuddle him because he’s so cute ;)).
I have to admit that the rest is pretty much bit of a haze, I don’t remember because it was just so much, and I’m mostly flashed by Benedict (who was the main reason I went, yeah, I admit it ^^). I know that Peter Jackson was also standing very close at one point, which was exciting, and then of course Orlando Bloom, whom I had the biggest crush on 12 years ago – and now I finally saw him in person! Oh, and Richard Armitage is one delicious guy, hihi.
After the photo op on the balcony (that had a few nice Ben/Martin moments, like when Martin came out and they greeted each other, or of course the by now famous “Ben gives Martin his phone so he can talk to Ben’s dad” thing) we ran to the backstage entrance, and saw Benedict get into the car just as we arrived. Some others came out – Martin, Richard Armitage and some of the others apparently stayed to watch the film – but Evangeline was there and she was so sweet, making another round and signing a few more pics.
Afterwards we went to the red carpet and the dragon and got a bit of Smaugs gold *g* Still waiting for the dragon to come to me… I’d totally tame him and make him read me stories 😉
So yeah, that’s all I can think of right now. I waited 13,5h on Monday, plus 9h on Sunday, when Benedict was here for a preview of 12 Years A Slave (didn’t see him, though…), and now I’ve caught a cold, so my brain isn’t working properly. Have to take a look at all my pics and videos once I’m restored and able to grab what has happened 😉

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