… or is it? And here they say love at work is always a problem.

That’s just a little something. I was reading the Wikipedia articles on our dear ONCE UPON A TIME stars; something I usually do with actors and actresses from my favorite shows; to see what they’ve done so far and where I might have seen them before (as I know so many TV shows, so it’s never a surprise if I’ve seen most of them at some time, somewhere).
Now, with OUAT I just had to laugh out loud. Working day in, day out with the premise “love is the most powerful magic of them all” and thus being constantly surrounded by, well, love, obviously leaves its marks with the cast.
At least I can’t remember even one show where there were two couples among said cast after only about one and a half year.
Nevertheless, both Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (how convenient) and Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan are confirmed to be dating. Snow and Charm- sorry, Ginnifer and Josh started in 2011 already, Jennifer and Sebastian in this year’s April.
Actually, had Morrison been dating Eion Bailey, I would have fallen off my chair because right now, and given that Graham/Huntsman doesn’t return for real (which I doubt), I see August/Emma as the most plausible couple. Think they are cute together, and they have a history… I can see that work, really.
Ah, but back to the real life. I’m always happy to see that others are happy, and I hope that both couples will have long and beautiful relationships – and that their work won’t interfere (because spending so much time together isn’t always the best thing, as most of us will know). Or in short: Let them have their Happily Ever After!
(still giggling, though :D)

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