Yesterday at midnight the BBC shocked millions (and no, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) of Doctor Who fans:
Matt Smith is putting down his bow tie this Christmas – he steps down from playing the Doctor to make way for number 12. Twitter literally exploded – no surprise here – and the hashtag #ThankYouMatt was immediately formed (as well as #BowtiesAreCool).

I think what’s mostly a shock about the whole thing is that Matt said before he’s stay for series 8. Now he’ll only be with us as the 11th Doctor for two more episodes – the 50th Anniversary and the Christmas special that will mark his goodbye.
When I read that he’s leaving I felt like crying. I sat with my friends, Spooky and some others (who are all no Whovians, which makes it worse, because no one can understand the pain), and we’re having a “game afternoon”; playing board games, cards and such, and we’re having a really good time. So the news were even more a punch in the gut than they would have been already had I been alone.
I’d just gotten used to this Doctor – really used, I mean, as in, I’ve completely fallen in love with him – and now to read that he’ll leave this Christmas… I hate it. So this year with the 13 at its end (convenient…) has by now really become one that sucks to no end, with everything that has happened in my private life so far, and now with what is still to expect.
Well. Christmas is cancelled, anyways.
And oh God, will I miss Matt. The Doctor who had me with his first “proper” words, even though I thought I could never go on after David Tennant…
Matt's first words

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