And there it is, the season finale. Which had a rather surprising, unexpected effect on me…

1×22 – A Land Without Magic

  • Didn’t we learn later on that the one who has the heart also controls the person it belongs to? So how does the Huntsman manage to help Charming then? Or does Regina actually believe just taking his heart is enough to have him do her bidding? Because she should know better.
  • So basically, the moment Emma realizes that only magic could have done this to Henry, the spell for her is broken. I wonder though – when she refers to magic in that moment, is she considering actual magic, or is she just thinking of something unexplainable?
  • I absolutely love Emma’s “You’ve got to be kidding me“ face when Regina tells her that Mr. Gold is actually Rumplestiltskin… Now how much of the book has she read? I’m not sure if we have ever seen her reading it, or regarding it with a little more attention, except after the Jefferson incident. Also, does she realize in that moment that MM is probably really her mother?
  • When Rumple speaks of his lost love, it appears truthful. Another proof that he indeed loves Belle, and that these feelings are not pretense for an ulterior motive. But then did we have this confirmed the moment the kiss worked and began to turn him back…
  • Why does Rumple claim it’s the last of his true love potion? We saw him create it by using a hair of Snow and one of Charming. Could he not just make more? It’s not like he said it’s the last of it when he was already in SB, but he said it in FTL.
  • What I said last time about Jefferson having so much power? Well. Not only does he know of Belle in the psych ward cellar. He also know the pin code to key himself in. Wonder how and why he learned that…
  • Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still cried. Damn you, Lana and J-Mo, you are far too good actresses. On a side note, I do wonder why Emma didn’t kiss Henry’s forehead before she went on her mission. I mean, aside from the dramaturgy reasons, there is no explanation. Every mother probably would have done this, even one as new as Emma.
  • Some people may now curse Rumple for bringing magic back, but let’s face it – without it August would remain quite wooden…

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