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Finally! Today I got my last Doctor Who DVD box – Series 3. Now I have series 1-4 complete, and only need the specials, which are in the ordering progress 😀
I was just thinking – again – about the Doctor (Ten) and David and what they’ve left us. David, Russell, and Julie. And the rest of course, who’s still part of the team (I think). I tried to get my dad to watch Doctor Who, and every time I have to think of what makes this show so special, or what I think is, above all the little things and aside from DW being genius in general, special.
And again and again I have to think of David – and that he was, and still is, a fanboy. That he’s the one actor in a long line of actors who have played the Doctor, who has watched the show when he was a little boy, and who said – one day, I’ll be the Doctor. I’ll play him. And he did. He made it, he made his dream come true. It never ceases to fascinate me. I know so many people who have goals, who try to reach something in their life, things they’ve wanted for a long time, things that might be, to some extent, fulfilled. One day. After a long period of waiting. And then it’s often not a real fulfillment, but more something of a consolation prize. They might be still pleased with the outcome, but it is not what they dreamt of as children or teenager.
But David Tennant? He made his dream come true. He was a boy of what, eight years? And he said he wanted, no, *would* play the Doctor one day. Not even three decades later he stands in front of a camera, wears a suit and a long brown coat. And he is the Doctor – the one who is loved by so many fans, old and young, and who is now named the best Doctor of all times.
I kinda envy him. I think many do, just a bit. Not for him being the Doctor; I mean, who of us would want to play the Doctor when we know that there’s someone who plays him so fantastic. And besides, I’m so glad he got this chance, because he so deserves it and she showed in the past five years that he was absolutely worth the chance he got. No, it’s the dream coming true. Yes, I’m still young, and if it takes a few decades of your life to make your dreams come true, then I still have some time (till my mid-thirties ;)). But then, dreams are always also a bit of a game of chance. And you have to be very lucky – besides being talented and all.
Most people out there are happy with their lives. Of course, if you have a home, a job, a family (if you want ;)), and enough (money) to live a life free of sorrows and worries, you actually should feel happy. There are enough people who don’t have much, who don’t know what to eat the next day, because they’re poor; or they’re ill and probably can’t afford a proper therapy. Whatever it is; we should never forget that there are others who might not have as much as we have. Who nevertheless might be happy, although they live a life filled with sorrows.
And yet there’s more to a life than the normal, daily madness. The little things you’ve always wished for, you’ve always dreamt of, but never dared to hope for. Seeing something, meeting someone, getting something – whatever it is, it depends on the person, and his or her interests. Most will know what it is like, because almost everyone has already experienced the small form of dream fulfillment. Remember what it felt like?
I know it. I’ve experienced it more than once. I always feel like screaming, dancing, laughing, jumping, grinning madly… most of these things I do 😀 I did it when I got my internship. Or my university place (is it was it is called? Well, when I was accepted at my uni/academy). Because those are the things, the little steps bringing me closer to my goal. Every step is a part of my dream, a dream that get slowly fulfilled.
There are moments when I wonder what it has to be like for David; when his dream came true. The one thing he wanted ever since he was a little boy. What did it feel like? And what does it feel like now, after five years, after being the Doctor for such a long time, after becoming so unbelievable popular, and, more important, so dearly loved by thousands, millions of people? People who say, after a history of nine former Doctors and 31 (or 47, depends) years of Doctor Who, he is “my Doctor”?
One thing I know for sure – while David has my deepest respect for everything he’s done, as the Doctor, as an actor, just for being him and inspiring and exciting so many people, he also has it for being still so *normal*. Human. A man like you and I. A man who still seems to be the little boy. Still dreaming, though already living his dream. He never stopped dreaming. And that is what made him and his Doctor so unique and incomparable.

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