This is kind of a summary of the past week, what news came in, and what else I found on the web…
… and what made me squee. 😉

Sebastian Roche. I was curious about him after I saw him – as in, really noticed him for the first time – when he appeared in the last season finale of CRIMINAL MINDS.
He looks fantastic, especially considering that he’s heading straight for fifty. He has a voice AND an accent (British) he could read me from a phone book with, and I would still happily die (among other things… never mind). And: He’s completely nuts. Seriously.
To hear his voice on a few other occasions, I looked him up on YouTube. And found con videos, as he has obviously also played in SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – two shows I don’t watch and won’t start to watch (at least not the latter… the first maybe, one day, when I’m REALLY bored). And… well. I don’t know if I can find words to explain that. He kinda reminds me of John Barrowman, with all his jumping and dancing around, and making *a lot* of suggestive (read: dirty) jokes. And showing off his butt. I mean, he has a great one, but… anyways.
But, he is also hilariously funny. He can’t sing, that’s for sure, he does it anyways; he causes many facepalm moments (for me ;)), and yet I was in tears of laughter.
And one thing remains true. I love. That. Voice.

Zachary Levi has been cast as Fandral for the THOR sequel. I just read that earlier this day and committed myself to a generous round of fangirly squeeing. Not because I’m a fan of Zachary Levy – I actually only know him as voice of Eugene in TANGLED(anyone seen the mini sequel, the wedding, by the way?). But I have seen him host the panels at Nerd HQ, with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, and so on, and he obviously is a fellow fan(boy).
And he’ll play in THOR 2. Alongside Tom Hiddleston. And Jaimie Alexander, a fangirl and, as Kenneth Branagh said in the audio commentary, an expert on Marvel comics.
I’m wondering: How many fanboys/-girls can one movie cope with?
Well, I’d say: Many more. Too bad they don’t have Joss Whedon as director. But then the sequel wouldn’t be called “THOR: THE DARK WORLD”, but “Thor: The Laugh World”, I guess… 😉

Speaking of the (giggling) devil: Joss Whedon is so much one of mentioned fanboys that he obviously can’t help but giggle even during shooting. That was reported by Tom Hiddleston – according to him, Whedon loves his villains much more than the heroes and enjoys writing them a lot. And then watch how the scene plays out.
So kudos to Tom; had I heard the director giggle behind his monitor, like Tom has, I couldn’t have played anything. And especially not a character so well as Hiddles did.

And just because my attempt on subject domino seems to work, let’s go right on to lovely Tom Hiddleston, his Loki, and how he’ll be in THOR 2. I think I haven’t mentioned yet how excited I am about this movie… often enough.
Tom once again emphasized that he thinks that there still is something good in Loki. But also that he wants him to ‘hit rock bottom’, really explore his dark side, only to then rise and become one of the good guys (again).
I can see that happening… and I love to see it as well. Tom plays both sides perfectly, and seeing that entirely dark side of Loki… I think that would be incredibly awesome. Tom loves what he does, and he loves Loki (more than Loki loves himself :D), so whatever task he’s faced with when it comes to showing yet another side of the God of Mischief, Hiddles can and will do it, and he’ll blow us away.
Also, seeing him overcome this dark part and rise up – this whole development – I pray that we’ll get to see this, maybe then in yet another sequel of THOR, because if this movie is even half as awesome as the first, I definitely want to see another part.
And then there is this quote I found on Tumblr earlier this week and today heard in a video interview – one in which Tom basically says that Loki hates his brother, but that this also means that he cares about Thor because

(…) the thing about love and hate is they are united by passion. That actually is a source of weakness for Loki. He cares about Thor enough to hate him which means that there’s still a power emotionally over his very, very hard heart.

It makes sense also. Hate is a very strong emotion; when you hate someone, you still feel something for the person. Which means you care and are not indifferent. Indifference is worse than hate, because whatever happens to the other person won’t touch you anymore. But hate has to result from another emotion, a positive one, because you never go and just hate someone. It has a root, something important that happened before, that destroyed your faith, love, or any other positive feeling that might have been there directly or indirectly. So Loki has to overcome this hate, has to defeat it – and will find his love for his brother, and thus hopefully also the others, as well.

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