So obviously plans are there to not go through with them, lol. I wanted to check out my old reviews and comment on them, but alas… I was too lazy and just wrote down anew what I noticed. Maybe I’ll go back to my old reviews in a combined post.

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Let’s continue with the episode that introduces us to a character played by an actor who has since found his way into several blockbuster movies as kind-of one of the main characters… still, I miss Jefferson.

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I originally had other plans for the afternoon, but I somehow got stuck with re-reading my old entries and it is so amusing. Because I read my theories and so many of them became true. I’m so proud right now, lol.

Also, since I have already written reviews for OUAT S2 and most of S3, I will only comment on these reviews during my rewatch. And maybe there’ll be some new things to discover… 😉

And here we come to one of my absolute favorites and, as I had to realize, an episode that still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes: The first Rumbelle episode.

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