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This is the first part; I might do a longer review later on.
I’ve read a few opinions of people who say that 6×16 convinced them that Jisbon is endgame. And after seeing what happened in the episode, I totally agree – for two simple reasons:
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Ask received and answered on Tumblr regarding SHERLOCK S3 & S4. Repost.

Hello there. I hope you’re not getting fed up with me coming to babble to you but… Well, I just feel like I should say that I’m scared for Sherlock s4. I have absolutely no idea where they’re taking this now. So Moriarty is back (or is he? we don’t actually even know…) and Mary is an assassin and alive with the baby. I thought the point of this show was Sherlock and John’s relationship. Their friendship. Now I don’t know. How’s John going to run off with Sherlock with a baby home?

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And another answer to an ask I received following my post Defending John Watson. Reposted from my Tumblr.

drrjlng asked you:
January 13th 2014, 10:02:00 pm
Just wanted to thank you for your post about John. I really hope you are right about this, because I feel wierd about John’s lack of emotions towards Sherlock. John seems to usually put what he thinks is his duty first, so maybe he feels like he has now picked Mary, and has to stay with her. Also, he probably doesn’t have the courage to tell Sherlock how he really feels, maybe he doesn’t even accept his own feelings. “New” Sherlock seems to almost push John in the opposite direction… So sad.

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Yesterday I received that question, and my answer, as usual, got a bit longer than intended. But once again I think this is universally relevant, thus repost here. The post referred to is Defending John Watson.

Anonymous asked you:
January 13th 2014, 6:56:00 pm
Ok girl, I agree so much with your post about John and it hurts me because even if I think it’s true, I still feel like that, in 2014, people aren’t ready yet for m/m explicit relation in TV show and that all we can dream of is subtext.

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– Please be aware that this is very incomplete. I didn’t want to go into that ep before I’m not done with my review/meta on TSoT. But I seeing all those posts on HLV, I had to write something. It misses a lot, but rest assured, even if that was included, I’d still come to the same conclusion. –
Suddenly, after the first enthusiasm had died down, my dash seemed to be full of people posting disappointed opinions, metas and analyses. And many speak of one central issue: John Watson and his behavior throughout the season.
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