…and thanks to Liz I just *have* to write it down here…
And of course this theory is about Once upon a Time.
Since Liz introduced me to this show my head is spinning and I have a lot of crazy ideas about the characters…some I have to share, others are way tooo absurd to let them out into the world, even for me… 😉
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Woah… I’ve just seen last week’s ep of Bones – “The Patriot in Purgatory” – and well…after I wasn’t that happy with Bones in all those past weeks they really got me this time…
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Oh yeah…she did it again! Liz made me watch Once upon a Time and of course I fell in love with that show. And I still don’t know if I should hug or curse her for that… *sigh* Continue reading

After a day at the office I took a look at a new sci fi mag in a bookstore and even though I haven’t bought it a tiny little blurb caught my eye and I just *had* to take out my new smart phone (yepp, it’s still smarter than me ;)) and surf the net to look something up…well…you really draw a certain amount of attention on yourself when you laugh out loud in public places… *enter innocent whistle here*
Why I had to laugh?! Watch for yourself…
Hulk Smash Loki: The Avengers Epic Battle

So here I am…Spooky…author number two on this blog. Liz convinced me that I really should put some of my geekyness on paper…or better…out in the net…so I’m not to blame for anything that will happen here… 😉 Continue reading