OZ. Just because I love for Oz to be included and I’m so excited to see what they make of it I have to spin some theories about it.

Because here’s the thing.
When I watched the midseason premiere and saw Regina absorbing all that green magic from the well – the protection spell that was supposed to keep Cora out, but would also have killed Snow and Emma if they had come through first (which they did) – to act on Henry’s pleading and save his mother and grandmother, my brain was once again back to the whole Oz storyline we know will sooner or later come.
I think in the 2×05 review I guessed that it will also be a bigger one – after all, they’ve been hinting at it since the show began, with short glimpses at pictures of flying monkeys in Henry’s book, and then now and then small hints, like Regina’s “and if it turns me green”, or Jefferson bringing Rumple a crystal ball, but not the slippers he wanted.
However, making Oz a completely new world with new characters and all suddenly doesn’t seem so right anymore. So – what if Oz is not actually included, but only appears in an abstract way? Like they did it with Belle and Rumple, where he is Rumplestiltskin, but at the same time also the Beast, even though this story is never really played through?
What if already known characters take the identity of those from Oz?
With Regina presumably having that dark magic inside her, that has to be quite dangerous if it can kill someone, it is possible that she’ll become something like Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West – the green and misunderstood witch. Like Elphaba (in the book), Regina originally resented magic, even when (or because?) she was directly confronted with it from early childhood on through Cora. When she later turns to magic, she soon becomes evil, even mad, considering her reasons for doing what she did (cursing a whole world because of something a young girl did with good intentions?).
Regina’s spell book she got from Rumple can be compared to the Grimmerie; which, by the way, also includes a spell that will turn apples deadly.
Emma, with her magic activated and usable, could turn out to be just the perfect Glinda the Good, and the main antagonist of Regina – which she is already, in some way. Also is Glinda described as the most powerful sorceress – which Emma could just turn out to become once she is able to control and use her magic.
Now the question would be who else will be included in the Oz story. For sure can Rumple have his place; on the other hand, maybe he’ll be busy with something else, like looking for Bae. It is not said that the new curse that forces them all to stay in Storybrooke won’t be broken soon, and that Rumple will then be able to leave SB. There could be many quests ahead for several characters; the more they scatter, the more new storylines can develop through them meeting other people, forming alliances, even introducing magic and fairytale life to our world outside SB.
If the Oz story is limited to Emma and Regina and their associated characters, it bears the question which relationships will be shown and/or formed. And so there was another idea that threw off even me.
We don’t know which story would be used if it is. That of the book(s), that of the musical, or both? So far, everything would and could fit the story from the book(s). But, when it comes to relationships, there’s another possibility I couldn’t help consider.
In the musical, Glinda is together with Fiyero. Fiyero, however, falls in love with Elphaba and later even has an affair with her. This is an element not included in the books, since there Fiyero is married to a woman not included in the musical (probably because it would have all become too complicated for a stage adaption if too many characters had been included; plus, this provides the better love story and triangle); a woman Elphaba in the book befriends and who believes it was Glinda who had an affair with her husband, instead of Elphaba (though Elphaba did have an affair with Fiyero, and presumably even a child with him).
Assuming that the closest to Fiyero we have is Neal, with Emma-Glinda also taking the place of Fiyero’s book wife, then maybe Regina-Elphaba could start an affair with Neal; they fall in love and decide to stay together. Glinda in the musical is hurt, but accepts it as it is. She is still friends with Elphaba and secretly hopes that she is safe – which then could hint at a reconciliation between Regina and Emma, and that those two, maybe due to having to work together to fight off a greater enemy (Cora is one candidate here, but I suspect there are more and worse to come), and because of their mutual love for Henry, some day (n a few years ;)) even become something like friends. It may never be that close friendship Elphaba and Glinda shared, but it is still something I can see happen, as I doubt they’ll always be on different sides, plus they’ve already become to lose some of their dislike for each other, mostly because of Regina’s attempt on changing.
That last part about the love triangle really is just some crazy theory, as I doubt that they’d bring in both the book and the musical reality; this could become truly confusing.
Nevertheless I’d love for Regina to find someone; she deserves and, more so, needs it. Secretly I’m still voting for Jefferson/Regina, but I kinda like the idea of Regina falling in love with the man Emma once had a very deep relationship with, and who is the father of her son – because that, in the end, could also mean that Regina would still be able to see Henry on a regular basis when Neal wishes to have contact with his son. So even if she’ll never get Henry “fully”, she will still be able to see him once in a while, and I hope that until we reach this point for such an agreement, Regina will be content with not having Henry as her legal son.
Real fun this all will be if Neal actually turns out to be Bae, as suspected, because then Regina would be in love with Rumple’s son. Now, as said before, I doubt that the relationships and enmities as they are now will always remain like this; instead I am sure that powers will shift and sympathies change, and that one day Regina, Rumple and the Charmings (including Team 7 and so on) will find themselves on one and the same side, and even if this doesn’t create any friendships, it surely will come along with some alliances.
In addition to that, Regina tries her best to lay off magic for Henry, and maybe also because she is remembering how it used to be before she had them; how she used to be. And Rumple may just consider giving up his powers as soon as he has found Bae and all dangers are eliminated, since both Belle and Bae will ask that of him if he wants him in his life – which I truly believe he wants like nothing else. Maybe some magic will remain for both of them, but they will never be as powerful as they are now, and can therefore then be considered to be on the good side.
But, who knows what will happen. Surely Ed & Adam will surprise us, and surely there are still many tales to tell in the upcoming years.

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