The plan was, of course, to continue my OUAT rewatch and get through the show in more or less one go (meaning, without too many and too long breaks in between – life has these nasty habits).

But then my shipper antennas kinda went wild.

A few – one would say many by now – years ago and started watching NCIS. I was totally hooked with that show, though I can’t really remember anymore what exactly it was that made me watch it with almost religious devotion.

In any case did I fall in love with Jenny Shepard, who was director of the NCIS at that time. I loved her, and I loved her history with one Leroy Jethro Gibbs, which led to even more devotion – the shipping kind. Jibbs, as their ship is called, was my religion, so to speak.

But then they killed her. At the end of season five, Jenny had to die. Not because Lauren Holly wanted to leave, but because of… I have no idea. Budget cuts maybe, and it was the season of the big writers’ strike, many strange things happened.

Anyways was she killed off. I hated it and consequently, my love for NCIS died as well, or at least diminished. Out of habit and a little because of Tiva,the Tony/Ziva ship, I continued watching, until first Ziva, then Tony left.

I wasn’t passionate about watching the show anymore. If I happened to come across a new episode on our national TV station, I watched it, but if I missed an episode, I didn’t mind.

Instead, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, a spin-off, caught my interest, and this I watch with passion and huge interest.

But, as things are in life, you kinda hang on to what is familiar, and thus, as I said before, I watched NCIS now and then. Lately I have made a habit out of at least trying to catch the episodes or record them when I’m not home or something.

One of the reasons for that is Mario Bello. Ever since I saw her in a TV series of 13 episodes I think literally *no one* knows – it’s called Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yep, that’s a TV show, not just a Brangelina movie), or “Das Seattle Duo” in German – I kinda like her. And while to most people she is probably the bar owner from Coyote Ugly, to me she’ll always be Mrs. Smith. I still dream of that moment when there is a crossover between NCIS and NCIS NOLA and Jack Sloane, Bello’s character, and Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula, who in turn was also the actor who played Mr. Smith, meet. I would totally ship them.

If… well.

If there wasn’t someone else. For both of them, but regarding Pride that’s beside the point right now.

So last week episode 16×10 of NCIS was aired here. And at the end of the episode, this happened:

When a man looks at you like that… you are way more to him than just a friend. Trust me, I know. I’ve been on the receiving end of that one…

And my shipper heart went immediately into complete alert mode. Because this is so not a man looking at a woman who he sees solely as his colleague. I would also definitely go so far as to say that is also not the way you look at a friend. There is so much more. And from what I’ve read, it’s intentional, so there is hope. And possible inspiration for fanfics ^^

And since I’m so fond of Maria Bello, and really like Sloane, from what I’ve seen of her so far, and since I am still fond of Gibbs, I am now in the process of watching all episodes starting with 15×04, when Jack first appeared.

Something tells me I will have to finish that first before I can return to OUAT… *lol*

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