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I’m happy about my decision to watch the last two episodes of this DW season after “The Big Bang” has aired – I wouldn’t have been able to wait a week ^^
Alright, first – the two-parter was really, really great TV. I absolutely enjoyed it, it was funny and exciting and thrilling and sad all at once.
Second. Moffat is nevertheless not always very clever. I mean, come on – the Cyberman head with these, um, strings, connecting to its body? That strange seat inside the Pandorica? Am I the only one who felt reminded of Star Trek’s “First Contact”?
Besides: “Got it off the wrist of a handsome time agent.” Yeah, well, thanks for that. Next time you, dear Moffat, want to whump poor Jack, do it not so openly. Because there might be people watching your show who actually loved RTD’s era and his characters!
As TVtropes would describe it, Crowning Moment Of Funny: I was literally laughing out loud when the Doctor babbled away for about two or three minutes, while Roman!Rory tried to get his attention. The Doctor was even talking TO Rory. But only after these two or three minutes or however long it was the camera stopped at Rory after the Doctor had left the “screen” and you just knew that this was the moment the Doctor would come back within seconds with a totally confused look on his face. And he did. And I couldn’t stop laughing. That scene was so hilarious.
Also, after I had started liking River already in the Weeping-Angel-two-parter, I now like her even more. She’s a good character; guess she just happened to be at wrong place at the wrong time.
“Something old, something new, something borrowed… something BLUE!” – Everyone else who was screaming these last two words with Amy raise a hand now. And, was anyone else in tears during those last few minutes of the episode?
Apart from that, it was the usual Moffat horror. He simply can’t resist to write spooky stories.
Genius, as far as I am concerned, was to shoot an addtional scene of almost every episode of the season that now appeared in TPO/TBB. Just great. And, the moment my mouth fell open: Just a few days ago I read an article about Moffat’s Who and the developments in S5. There was also a box telling about plot mistakes they’d obviously made. One of them was the Doctor in the Angels episode wearing no jacket when leaving Amy behind in the forest, only to wear one when he comes back for a few moments to tell her that she has to trust him etc. I never noticed that, but found it interesting to read it.
Even more interesting was it to see that it wasn’t a mistake of continuity, but a planned thing, as it was another Doctor. Oh wow.
Still, that leaves one thing: Why can the Doctor go back in his own time line?

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