After nine episodes (Jack eps I mean) I really, well, continue wondering what this is I am seeing.

There is a comfortable companionship between Jack and Gibbs I can’t remember to have ever seen like this before. So quickly I mean. Sure, he had that with others, but only after some warming up. Bear in mind that I haven’t seen the show in quite a while, but still, I would remember.

The familiarity they have around each other reminds me of Jenny – but those two had history and lots of it. Jack and Gibbs have only just met. But he is open when it comes to her, listens to her, talks to her. She is a shrink, in a wider sense, and I can’t remember him being very fond of these. Yet with her, it seems different.

Now apart from him turning to her, and them more or less having a shared secret/knowledge (the serial killer thing), there hasn’t happened much action between them. I actually still wait for her to turn up in his basement… you know… his sanctum. There is always something special about everyone who is there.

Also, once again, a side note on Torres and Bishop: That undercover thing was mean, really. It’s so obvious that especially Torres has a lot of affection for the young agent, and it’s almost painful to watch. They are a little like Tony and Ziva, though with less baggage. I’m wondering how long they will keep this up, this slow burn, because I know that also until 16×14 nothing will happen between them. Well, except for that undercover kiss that I’m surprised hasn’t been talked about yet. I mean, yeah, it has, but then… not really.

Ah well, I really do feel thrown back into the old NCIS days with Jibbs and Tiva…
In any case is Jack Sloane definitely I can see Gibbs be with – as a Jibbs shipper who still misses Jenny.

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