The title initially confused me. This sounded a bit like the slogan of something very evil. I don’t know what it reminds me of, but I know that it is something bad.

Well. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that with OUAT, it wasn’t exactly bad. Nevertheless OUAT’s latest episode left me with several questions I assume will be answered not right away, but over time, as they are quite essential, at least to my mind.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Storybrooke post-Curse and post-wraith is a town at the end of it strengths. Shops are closed, people are frantic, panicking, confused, disturbed. Of course; first they have to learn that they are not who they think, but have been, if one puts it simple, living a lie for 28 years without knowing it, and then the town is attacked by a wraith that leave a trail of destruction.

Episode two shows us that after the initial happiness of finding/meeting old friends again, reality now catches up with them, especially because they didn’t return to the Enchanted Forest as expected.

To make matter worse, the dwarves find out that the people of Storybrooke also can’t leave – still can’t leave – the town. One wonders of Sneezy has any chance of getting back his real memories one day, and if his brothers can find fairydust that will then also hopefully help him.

All in all one can say that their world and the lives have been ripped apart from one day to the other. And obviously, some have a very hard time coping. Amidst them are only a few ones keeping a cool head, most notably Red, who I start to really like. Nothing is left of the irritating girl from season one I didn’t exactly know where to put because she seemed so… useless most of the time. Now she is a confident woman and probably the most important person in Charming’s life next to Henry, since she also is Snow’s best friend.

But, while the story surrounding the townspeople and their struggle was very interesting, I guess the most intriguing part was Regina in FTL and Regina/Gold in Storybrooke. And I find myself growing fonder of Regina with every new episode, if not scene that includes young Regina who really, really was good and kind, and who wanted nothing more than (emotional) freedom. Freedom from her mother Cora.

The big news we learn is that Rumple knew Regina already when she was still “portable” (had to laugh at that) – when she was a baby. Which brings me to assume that she was probably a child promised to him; possibly in exchange for her mother’s magic abilities who came from Rumple, obviously. Or at least the book did.

And here come the questions I mentioned earlier.

First the one I shocked myself with – could it be that Rumple is Regina’s father? I don’t know why that thought entered my mind, but something gave me the feeling that this could actually be possible. A “gift” to a childless Cora maybe. On the other hand would Cora then have gotten two things from Rumple – the child and the book. But who knows, maybe this has yet another background? It’s just my mind running wild; I guess that would be way more fascinating than Rumple being Henry’s grandfather through Bae.
But, that’s just a silly theory; a mere thought. The real questions are also about Regina and Rumple/Gold, but concern the magic part. For one I wondered why Rumple gave in to Regina and her the magic book. — The one he conjured up with magic?! I guess I missed something – I had no idea that there was already enough magic back! Or maybe it is just the powerful magicians, thus Rumple and, with a little help, Regina… — What interest could he have in her getting back magic?

Which brings me to the second question regarding almost the same issue – why was Rumple back in FTL so eager to have Regina use magic? He must have known that once she was consumed by the dark powers – and they are dark – she’d become powerful enough to be a serious threat to him (though no concerning one, I guess). Was he bored? Or does Rumple have even more planned? I said before, he is and would be an incredible chess player, probably foreseeing the whole game. Plus, as Dark One he can look into the future. What has he seen that makes him use moves that seem to be so illogical now?

With Regina powerless, he’s the strongest character. No one could ever beat him. But he still creates himself an opponent. And something tells me that one day, the outcome will be more unpredictable and shocking than anything anyone of us can imagine. Or anyone of Storybrooke can, for that matter.

It’s safe to say that ultimately, Regina was made evil by Rumple. And as she said to Henry, she hasn’t been able to love in a very long time. She lost the capability to feel sympathy and may just have to learn it again by overcoming that evil part of her, that part ruled by magic. One could guess that this is also why she holds on to Henry so much because she knows, deep inside that one day he’ll be, he could be the one to release her. And when Charming left with Henry, I felt incredibly sorry for her.

To her applies the same as to everyone else – love is the most powerful magic, and just like Rumple will love also one day release her. But contrary to Rumple, she doesn’t have anyone who loves her unconditionally yet, and that is what makes her such a tragic figure. That she came close to burning the book in the end shows that she is changing; but it is not yet enough, and she doesn’t have the inner strength to fight against what darkens her soul even though a part of her wants to get rid of it.

Aside from some fun moments, Mr. Gold/Rumple provided the other part of a long(er) line of thoughts and speculations – even without Belle (sadly!) having an appearance in this episode.

(The fun moments? “It appears when I bought that “closed” sign, I was just throwing my money away.” And of course the mirror where he shows Regina that she is supposed to push her mother. He looks so silly, but so funny that when I saw a pic of that before watching the ep, I could have sworn it’s an outtake :D)

Before, the people of Storybrooke couldn’t leave because of the Curse, something I guess also applied to Mr. Gold. Who knows, maybe they would have regained their memories could anyone of them have made it across the border when the Curse was still in place (reversed effect to what we have now). But then, no one ever got that far.

Now they can leave – but lose their memories when they do. The memories of their real, fairy tale identities, anyways.

But Mr. Gold? He knew that he was Rumplestiltskin before the Curse was broken. I think it is safe to assume that crossing the border wouldn’t have any effect on his memories. Not so sure about his magic though. That, however, isn’t the reason he abandoned his obvious plans to leave the town, presumably to find Bae. What reason could he have to stay despite his plans when he doesn’t have to fear forgetting about Rumple? Simple: Belle. I doubt he would have left her behind. He would have fled from the town with her, surely to look for Bae, maybe to also start a new life with her (hey, still a shipper, me). It seems to be the only logical reason for him to stay and to be so desperate and furious when Charming informs him about what they’ve found out. He can’t take Belle with him – so he doesn’t leave.

As I said, I can’t think of another reason for him to stay as he has nothing to fear (unless he fears loss of power, which is of course in the realm of possibilities with him, though not safe for him to assume as a consequence) other than Belle losing her memory and thus also losing all her feelings for him. Now she loves him, the beast in him, and we know he loves her back, truly and sincerely. He may say that power is more important to him, but the still-human part inside him yearns for Belle’s love and can’t be without it. And he wouldn’t have the strength to wait for her to fall in love with him again.

So he stays. Stays in Storybrooke, although he probably feels the need to go out and look for Bae now that he can. But if Bae is still alive (which I guess we all hope, because that will make it even more interesting when he appears on Storybrooke’s doorstep), then he’s been living alone and hopefully also been fine for the last 28 years (of not more; we don’t know exactly when he fell through the portal). He can’t wait another few days, weeks, even months – hell, even a year. But Belle would have to start all over again, and added to that is Rumple the only one she knows in Storybrooke. And now that everyone is busy solving their own problems, they wouldn’t have that much time to make friends with her and show her around and all that. Rumple knows she needs him, just like he needs her. And for sure does she more than Bae – as does he need Belle more than his son right now.

Several blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scenes revealed some news that keep me on the edge of my seat (not that I wouldn’t be there anyways) – August, for example, who is suddenly gone from his room at the inn after we saw him blinking at the beginning of the episode. Or Gepetto getting so close to finding him (so touching!). And then there’s Emma and Snow who are thrown into a pit… and meet no one else than Cora. One who pretends to be nice and helpful. And I can’t shake the feeling that this is only the start of something even more terrible than we’ve seen so far.

In short: This show makes it harder yet to always have to wait a whole week for a new episode, and just like with MENTALIST, I am happy I didn’t watch it right away but waited a few days (not voluntarily though… life can be such a b*). Actually, it’s the first time in years I’m watching episodes the same week they’ve been aired; usually I wait a long time (like when I watched the whole Castle season 4 last summer for the first time).

Three more days to go. And then another week until episode four… the Rumbelle episode. 🙂

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