Oh yes, the wait was too long. Five weeks we had to go without OUAT; five weeks in which we were nevertheless tortured with spoilers, sneak peeks and the like. But, we did it. Because if there’s something worth waiting for, it certainly is ONCE UPON A TIME.

As said, there was no shortage of spoilers and information on the midseason premiere and the following episodes. Many new guest stars were announced, and story lines hinted at. Most of all, however, it was of course about this tenth episode of season two, fittingly named “The Cricket Game”, thus giving away who would play a significant role. That this role would also be one of a dead body, well… let’s just say, I was initially shocked, but soon convinced that they wouldn’t kill Archie. Not really, anyways.
But from the beginning. There were three things I noticed within the first 15 or 30 seconds.
One: It looked almost like this was a pilot or some special, because contrary to the other episodes, the cast’s names didn’t come after the title card (which included Pongo, something that was very clever, seeing how the episode played out), but right from the beginning. It was as if Ed&Adam wanted to tell us that this is just the prelude to something that will blow our minds. Can’t say that mine isn’t already, thanks to OUAT, but anyways…
Two: The music. I love Mark Isham. That was so the perfect pirate’s music!
The third thing was less pleasant: Who the hell shaved Hook??? I went from “He looks different” to “He looks awful” in 1.2 seconds… No, seriously, Colin needs his beard, at least as Hook. Hope he lets it grow again; though if I remember right, the promo for next week’s ep looks promising (in that regard at least…).
Okay, back to the more important issues.
Cora realizes that there is magic in Storybrooke. What made me wonder – how much magic is there exactly? There was talk about magic being back in SB since Rumple threw that potion into the well. However, we never saw Regina or Rumple use that much magic; so I always thought that it was probably limited. It’s not a magical world they are in, after all; it would be logical if they weren’t able to use the full extent of their magic. Like the well thing, when R&R needed the fairydust crystals to lay that protection spell upon the well. Plus, I think it would also make it easier to explain why it is so hard for Rumple, who is supposed to be the most powerful magician, to find a way to leave SB.
The other question is – would someone who possesses magic (or is possessed by it ^^) feel how much there is? How much power one is able to use, without trying? Is it something you can feel at all? Just now I realize that there’s a lot we don’t know about magic as such. I’d love an explanation as to where it comes from, because that is something that is never explained, in any fairytale or movie or whatever. Even for the fairydust there has to be a reason why it allows the fairies to use magic.
In any way does this little fact that magic is in SB stop Hook from going to Rumple right away. This is definitely nice for the moment; in the long run, not so much, if you know what it means thanks to spoilers. Because if Rumple is unapproachable due to his powers, Hook has to go for the next best thing… and we all know what – or who – that is.
As we went out of the scene, there was this detail that kinda jumped at me: The swan at the docks. Does it have a meaning? Because I just can’t imagine a swan, a single swan, of all animals, to be right next to the landing zone where Hook and Cora arrived with Hook’s ship. That’s way too suspicious. Or maybe it is for a reason? Could this be a hint that with her new-found magic, Emma has some kind of animal aide around, even though she doesn’t know it yet? Ruby has the wolves and dogs, Snow the birds, then why shouldn’t Emma have the swans. Surely this appears to be too obvious, but then, this may just be the twist with the whole thing…
Cut to – the Charmings. In bed. Not sure actually if I ever wanted to see that. Because, well… it’s Snow White and Charming. It’s two of the classic fairytale characters, if there ever were any. I have to admit that I found it a tad disturbing to see them in bed like… teenagers. And obviously, I wasn’t alone with that thought – considering Emma’s expression. Which was hilarious. I was just waiting for her to say “This is wrong on so many levels.”, because this is surely what I would have said. And it is. I don’t know what it worse, because finding your parents in bed like this when they are still your age, and you know that at that age you have a whole other dynamic… an inner voice just tells me, let’s not go there, and I tend to agree with it. Funny was Henry’s reaction – “What are you still doing in bed?” Not sure if it is good that he didn’t ask “What are you doing in bed,” period, because, well… his ‘still’ gives that feeling he knows why… (again, that voice… okay, let’s move on).
Another thought I had was – where are they living now? So Snow has her apartment, and maybe Charming moved in with her. But what about Emma and Henry? Is Emma still with Snow? Is it a big family home now, with both Emma and Henry living there, because so far we’ve seen nothing of Emma having her own place, and Henry doesn’t live with Regina anymore, that much is clear. We’ve never seen how big exactly Snow’s apartment is, but it has to become a bit crowded there now… especially with these two love birds…
So, there’s a welcome home party, and I have to admit that the decoration confused me a bit. It was like a big welcome for Snow… and Emma mentioned in a way that seemed to say, right, there is this other girl, almost forgot about her. Um… yeah. But hey, that could be just me… even though I think that at some point, the others may just have wished to not have her around, seeing that she invited Regina to the party.
Yeah. Regina at the party. I feel so incredibly sorry for that woman. I mean, there was this rough start, but then they all loved her lasagna (Grumpy!!!), and for the moment, everything seemed fine. After all, it was Emma who had invited her, and it was so great how she defied her parents and told them that Regina is a good person, or at least trying to change, and that she deserves a chance. Also, wasn’t it sweet how Henry immediately went to Regina? I think it spoke volumes when it comes to their relationship, and how much it has developed, because now that the truth is out in the open, it may just be that bit easier to learn to live with the facts – and the past of someone’s life.
What I like it the prospect of an Emma/Regina friendship. Those two may not be so different, after all. I don’t know why; it’s just a feeling. Or perhaps it’s in Emma’s genes, seeing how Snow used to defend and help Regina… But, as we can see, there is still some obstacles to be crossed before there can be a real friendship (if at all). The argument when Regina leaves the party says it all. Although I, to be honest, don’t understand why Emma refuses Regina’s request for having Henry over now and then. I mean, there is no reason to believe that Regina would harm Henry. And there is also no reason to believe that Regina would succeed in having any real influence on Henry, as the boy knows who Regina is and what she does/did. So if he agrees – why not let her have him? I can only help, in my opinion. If Regina wants to bring Henry to her side with magic (because without she’d have a real piece of work on her hands), she could do it just as well without having him over at her house.
Furthermore there is this other thing, this time with Regina, I don’t understand. Even she has to see that all Archie wanted to do by telling Emma details about Regina, or that she really wants to change, is to help her. Then why is she so angry with him? I mean, I get the significance for the plot, but character-wise? Not so much.
That is, of course, if the Regina Archie meets while walking Pongo is the real one. As we see when Regina is leaving Granny’s, she is watched by Cora and Hook, who are standing on a rooftop (it’s the little things that make this show awesome – I mean, a rooftop?! :D). And Cora tells Hook that the time is not yet there for her to go to Regina. She wants her daughter broken, seriously and fully broken, so that it will be easy for her to win her back. And then? Destroy her? I mean, Cora is a real nutcase, but until now she never appeared to have a revenge in form of killing Regina in mind.
What is speaking against the Regina at the docks already being Cora is that she a) sounds and looks and acts a lot like Regina, and b) that Pongo doesn’t react. Something he later does when “Regina” comes to Archie’s office. The moment Pongo barked and Archie wondered why because he knows Regina, I knew it’s not her. And since the only other possibility is Cora… well, that was a rather easy one. Now, when it comes to Archie, I never believed they’d really kill him. I had my doubts, of course; they killed Graham, after all. But there was too much hinting at Archie being in later episodes of this season, and nothing ever really indicated that he’d leave. I admit that his dead body had me waver, but seeing that Cora was involved, it was safe to assume that this is just another one of her tricks.
More interesting surely was that Regina was accused, brought in and questioned. I was waiting for her reaction when she heard that Archie was dead, and I have to admit that it surprised me. I would have expected shock over the accusation, anger even – but she seemed to be truly sad by the thought of his death. It’s not like we’ve seen that much of Archie’s and Regina’s relationship so far, but given that she was one of his patients, she obviously trusted him. Maybe considered him more a friend than anyone else in SB could be, as they have all their prejudices when it comes to Regina (which is understandable) and Archie was the only one who went to her and offered his help. Whatever it is, Regina showed sincere sadness, and that was probably one of the most touching scenes in this whole episode (well, if one isn’t a Rumbelle shipper *smiles*). It was real nice that Emma was the one who saw that Regina truly had no idea what they were talking about and thus couldn’t be the killer.
The other thought I had – it also could have been part fear, as she knew she wouldn’t be able to prove her innocence, especially since the whole town is just too eager to see her behind bars… or worse. And this is also where Emma’s words regarding the Charmings’ relationship to Regina come on – they indeed are too close to the case to be objective. That’s the whole problem; they’ve known her too long, they all have known each other for too long and seen too much of each other, of each other’s good and evil, that in this world, where things sometimes may work differently they don’t see the truth. Or won’t be open to see the truth. Evil stays evil. This is somehow like a full circle; where ONCE now meets the classic fairytale where there was no differentiating, where good was always good, and evil never anything else. And now it is Emma, the one who grew up in another world, where we know that there is so much grey between the ultimate black and white, who has to teach the others that the world just doesn’t work that way. Only that this time, their belief comes from experience, not simple fact assumption. And such belief will be a lot harder to correct.
It is interesting that their first thought when they are convinced that Regina was framed is that Rumple did it. And just for good measure are they wrong once again. Guess there is no better way than to prove the whole black-grey-white-thing…
This episode allows Rumple to follow his reputation as Mr. Deadpan Snarker again.
Rumple: “You have your mother’s chin, Miss Swan—”
Emma: “We know that you killed him.”
Rumple: “—and your father’s tact.”
I laughed so hard I had to stop the episode 😀 He’s right, though, because this is not really a way… never mind. It is Emma, it’s the Charmings, and it’s them against Rumple. Like there are any rules. Or manners.
Still, Rumple isn’t exactly their best suspect. Yes, he killed people before, and in cold blood also. But never significant characters (YMMV when it comes to Milah, though he had reason to kill her… jealousy and hurt feelings have always been favorite reasons for murder…). And surely he wouldn’t kill Archie, of all people, to frame Regina, since he knows that if anyone even suspects he could have a hand in this, the townspeople would give him a hard time (even more than now)… as would Belle. Emma, the Charmings & Co. have to know that Rumple is ruthless (sometimes) and working solely for his own purposes – but he is not stupid. That’s actually the very last thing he is, if at all. So accusing him of killing Archie to frame Regina… is nothing else but very desperate. Of course they can’t know what the audience knows, therefore they have to go with whatever they have as information, but still…
Bringing in Pongo as witness is… actually, I was thinking, finally someone does that. I mean, how many crime shows had animals as murder witnesses, but couldn’t use them? ONCE is a show that can, and they do it. For one, it was so cute how well along Rumple got with Pongo. That guy really loved him (and it’s up to you to decide who is who in that sentence ;)) And yes, he is totally a dog person… and why do we say about dog persons? They are faithful and all…? *g*
The dream catcher as some sort of memory mirror was a bit… so I was not all that impressed, to be honest. They had better ideas already. But hey, no complaints here, really. What I thought was funny is that I got a new dream catcher for Christmas – a real beauty, I might say, all colorful and sparkly (what? I’m a girl *shrugs*). So yes, I was glancing at that thing and considering… I should get a life.
Anyways. The dream catcher, or memory catcher, was meant to show Pongo’s memories of what he had seen when Archie was attacked. And it was Emma who Rumple wanted to use her magic so no one would be able to say that he enchanted the thing to show what he wants. Sounded good. But – am I the only one who sat there smirking when it was still Rumple himself who brushed the dream catcher over Pongo’s back and also had it still in his hands when it started to glow? Who is to say that it wasn’t his magic doing that, after all? Who is to say that he didn’t “program” it, or that he was able to control it even without touching it after giving it to Emma? Just to be clear – it’s not what I think. I know that Rumple didn’t do it; we all know. And even if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t believe that it was his doing, and if even for one simple reason: Belle. But I was actually expecting the Charmings to protest.
However, Emma did it, she really used her magic to make the memory catcher show what Pongo had seen. What I wonder – did she stop too early? Could they have found out that it wasn’t Regina had they continued watching? Or was it really just me seeing it because I knew it wasn’t her?
One thing is for sure – whether he did it on purpose or not, Rumple found a pretty effective way to take his revenge on Regina. Because with her back on top of the suspect list thanks to him, she also as a consequence loses everything. The sad thing about it is that she is innocent. That there was no reason for her to lose what she had worked for so hard. It is her who closes the door to Henry by using magic again, and using it against Emma. And, well, by allegedly killing Archie, but I guess they’ll find out soon enough that this was just a ruse. And somehow I doubt that anyone will then still care about that Regina used magic, facing accusations and the loss of her son. Even Henry could forgive her then… the only problem is that I fear that now the door is closed on both sides, because Regina has seen how easily the people of SB see the culprit in her, and it will bring her back to her old ways, especially if her mother shows up now and poisons her soul even more by agitating her against the others.
Afterwards, there is another heartbreaking scene, once again including Regina – when she watches Emma telling Henry of Archie’s death, and presumably also Regina’s involvement, and the woman herself sitting in her car. Crying. And yes – I just wanted to hug her then. Tell her that she shouldn’t give up, that everything will be all right, that she was framed by Cora and that Emma so much wanted to believe in her, but that there was too much good and valid evidence against her. And that it was magic that did this to her, because without magic Cora could never have done it.
I’d have liked to know what Emma was telling Henry exactly; if she says something about Regina using magic, or if she just tells him the facts, that there’s hard evidence (can you say that with magic evidence?!) that show Regina indeed being the murderer of Archie… at least her outer exterior having a part in it.
So, having no idea how and what Cora had done, the ending with Archie as Cora’s and Hook’s prisoner was surprising (and I wonder what and how much Archie will tell them). Even more so is that obviously Cora had to kill someone to complete her plan… and given what she says, that someone was from SB as well. So who is to say that whoever the dead body disguised as Archie was, is going to be missed sooner or later? It’s a small town and people seem to know each other; why not start to ask questions, since no one can (yet) leave SB?
A detail that left me puzzled: Emma’s necklace. As Spooky found out, she had it since episode 1×04, so since she got her stuff. But was it ever as prominently visible as now? It is possible that it is foreshadowing something? There are a few spoilers out there I won’t go into now, but it seems that this was definitely no accident…
I decided to split up my review into SB and FTL, because especially this time, it is easier, since there are not so many connections between those two.
I have to admit that I had no idea there was a war, or at least fights, between the Charmings’ and King George’s army/men. So they fought for the kingdom – one that didn’t even belong to them to start with, if we are exact, because Charming isn’t George’s biological son and therefore has no right to the throne… yeah, that’s me being overly correct. They won also, of course; they have it later, as we already know from season one. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I think George doesn’t deserve that… surely it explains, however, why he is so incredibly angry and seeks revenge on Charming, because until now, that never made so much sense (except for him being a complete jerk, which should be reason enough to behave like that…)
The moment the guards said that Snow is on her way to Charming alone, I should have known something’s wrong. Because I was wondering how she could be so stupid to go alone. Okay, so this was a trap for Regina I would have walked into just like the EQ herself. That the Blue Fairy can use magic to freeze Regina is a new one. I mean, why didn’t they use this earlier then? Like when Regina gave the poisoned apple to Snow? Because she needed to save Charming then, didn’t know where he is, and had no place to hold Regina in? Nothing of that sounds like it would stop Snow, especially not when ultimately, it could have been to their aid.
Killing Regina is drastic indeed. I’m not a fan of death penalty, period, and here it’s made worse because as a viewer, I know that somewhere deep inside her heart, Regina is a good person. She’s just forgotten it. Like Rumple, she is a weak person; one that saw magic as her only chance and then became addicted to it. But also like Rumple, there is still something good inside her, something that is capable of compassion and love.
Back then in FTL, unfortunately, there is not much to see of this part. Actually, there is nothing at all of it to see, except for when her father comes to visit her and Regina shows herself once again vulnerable. Though I’m never quite sure how much of that is true and how much just another part of her scheme. Maybe she herself doesn’t know either.
Snow, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to know herself either. Or what she wants. Or thinks. Or… whatever. It’s a constant back and forth with her. There she wants to capture Regina, but on the other side she doesn’t want to kill her. Charming is right; they can’t let her walk, as they have no idea what she will live to do. Especially now, after her imprisonment. And yet it always comes down to this – that Snow defends Regina.
Is she still feeling guilty because it was, in some twisted way, indeed her fault that Daniel was killed and Regina went crazy? Or is there something entirely else going on we don’t yet know about? And what could it be? The only thing I could think of is that somehow, the two are related by blood… something I seriously hope won’t prove to be true. Or are they in some other way connected? Snow herself is the one to speak out loud what we all know – that once, Regina was a good woman. She was kind and loving, she saved Snow. But then she lost a love and…
So is that what happens when you lose your True Love? Is that a hint at what could happen to any other character/couple should something happen to their significant other, like Snow/Charming, or Rumple/Belle? Meaning, when the person is really, actually dead. It is possible – and something we know in our world, our reality as well, that one feels it if something happens to the other. I don’t want to think about that, because no one of our True Love couples should die, but… it is an interesting preposition.
That Rumple showed up at Regina’s execution was to be expected. And at first, everything seemed to go as planned. Regina’s “I’m sorry I didn’t inflict more harm and killed Snow” speech was… okay, so yes, I had expected her to apologize. Don’t know why; probably because I’m influenced by SB-Regina and in general her history and… everything. And the fact that I like her more than the Charmings. Yep, admitting it.
What I wondered regarding Rumple being present – he smiled at her speech. So – why? Did he approve of her? Was it pride; was it his test to see if she’s worthy, if her soul is dark enough? Question then is – would he have prevented her execution in the last second? Because sure it didn’t look like it then. Or he knew that Snow would stop it in time. But that would be too much knowing even for Rumple… I think… Whatever – I can’t believe that he would have let her die, seeing that he needed her for his plans. This becomes extremely obvious later on.
Another possibility – he may have been thinking that this would seal her fate. And would have been right, as we see with Charming’s reaction. But that has to mean that he’d have another plan in store for when Regina isn’t dead. So far, we always had to assume that Rumple needed Regina for the Curse; that everything he did till then, and ever since Bae left, was to get the Curse enacted and find a way to go to our world so he can look for Bae. But what if there would have been yet another possibility to go through with his plays? What was this saying about ways to Rome again…?
On LIE TO ME, just the other day, I heard the following: “A good chess player thinks five moves ahead.” – “A great chess player thinks one move ahead.” — Because he’s good enough to adjust his strategy, good enough to react to every possible and impossible move of the opponent. Rumple is an outstanding chess player. He doesn’t need to hope for moves to be in his favor, for something he can react to. He knows it will come anyways because he’s planned for everything. Or – he makes his opponent chose exactly the moves he wants and needs them to.
So the execution is set in motion by Charming, who, as always has this heroic protection reflex when it comes to Snow, obviously also when she is only insulted/threatened by a beast without claws and teeth. And despite her words, Regina fears death. Because dead she won’t have a chance to get her revenge? I doubt it. It’s the part of her that is still good which comes to the surface in that moment she faces death, for real. I guess this is also what ultimately made Snow stop the execution – she saw it; she saw the old Regina, the kind one she got to know so many years ago, in that moment, and then couldn’t just let her die.
Of course Rumple conveniently is at the right time in the right place: With Snow when she is in the courtyard, wondering what to do. And he brings a plan… one that should have had all alarms bells ring loudly in Snow’s (and Charming’s) head. Because when Rumple is offering a deal and doesn’t expect some horrendous payment, something’s off. Very. You’d think the Charmings know that by then; they don’t seem to do. They just jump right into what will soon show to be a trap. In some way one could even call it amusing how they are so blind to trust Rumple repeatedly. And it is a perfect example for how different the Charmings and Rumple are – how different “good” and “evil” are. It seems like this whole plotline in that episode is a fallback to the classic fairytales; where usually the good ones are naive, and the bad ones clever. This is an extended version, one could say; as Snow and Charming are, almost willingly, pawns in Rumple’s elaborate game.
For a moment there, I wondered if Rumple wants Regina dead or alive. It wasn’t all that clear then. Snow was supposed to find out whether Regina was able to change back to her old, her good self – with the help of some of Rumple’s magic. Magic that protects the Charmings from every attack Regina might launch in future. Wow, great help, and all that for a special price – all Snow has to do is what she wanted to do anyways. Test Regina.
Oh, but wait. There’s a catch. One that probably wasn’t noted in the fine print. So Regina – as expected – attacks Snow with the dagger. Snow stays unharmed, thanks to Rumple; and Regina proves that she hasn’t changed at all, that even at the prospect of Snow forgiving her and letting her go, she’s still seeking vengeance. She is who she is. And thus proves not only what the Charmings thought all along, but also herself worthy of Rumple.
And isn’t he happy she does exactly what he has planned. After attacking Snow, the Charmings reveal that they got that protection spell from Rumple, and ban her from their castle, their lands, their life. For now and all eternity, Regina is meant to be an outsider; completely alone and cut off.
Not from Rumple of course. Seeing that he, well, crossed her, I would have expected a stronger reaction from Regina. She was surprisingly calm, all things considered. Because she knows her place? Because she knows that she wouldn’t be able to do anything against Rumple anyways? Or because she hopes that he, as always, has some kind of plan? I’d go for the first two, because one thing Regina should definitely know – that Rumple wouldn’t do her a favor and help her out of kindness. Unless she gets something out of it.
So ultimately, this is another puzzle piece in the Curse’s history. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Regina shows not a hint of redemption. We know that it is necessary to even the way for what is about to come, Curse and all, and it explains what happened between George and Charming.
In general, however, this wasn’t one of ONCE’s stronger episodes (on the FTL part at least), but more a filler that explains some things… before, as the promo already shows, gives us a moment to get used to the show after its break, and take a deep breath before hell will break lose. Again. This is not to say that it was a bad episode, but it didn’t reveal much mythology-wise that gives us room for new speculations, but only answered some questions that had been partly answered already, only lacked a bit of detail and specification.
Safe the best for last, they say – and here it comes. Rumbelle. Of course I haven’t forgotten about or even ignored it. But it was just a little scene and some background information that is easier to analyze outside the rest of the plot.
For one, there is the beginning of the scene. She brings him lunch. She brings him lunch. And I saw a landslide of indications rolling towards me. For all we know, Belle lives in the apartment for the library’s caretaker. I guess it’s safe to assume that she still does. A part of me, however, can’t help but think that maybe, Belle is nevertheless a constant guest in Rumple’s house. Because looked so much like a wife bringing her husband his lunch package he’d forgotten in the morning.
Okay, but even with this scenario/reason being too unlikely to be true (for now :D), it is still very interesting to see her take care of him. So much for, I never want to see you again. If course that was over when they had their burger date already (probably even before that and since their talk in the library), but here it shows that there’s a lot of development going on. And doesn’t it make my little shipper heart rejoice.
Then there is this moment when Belle notices how well he gets along with dogs/Pongo. I don’t know why I think this is important, it’s just… there is this old believe that people who are good to children and animals can’t be bad persons. And Rumple is nice to both. Surely isn’t Belle the one who has to be convinced that Rumple isn’t the bad person he sometimes appears to be, or the others like to see in him because of the Dark One (because they are two different persons/beings, even if they’ve merged together so much that it is hard to see a line there), but it is still nice to have her witness these moments where she is just once and again assured and convinced why she loves him.
And then there is her reaction to the whole situation. She remains calm; she doesn’t defend Rumple in a naive way, like, it’s impossible that it was him, but she also doesn’t shrink back and have doubts right away. Also doesn’t she protest when he begins to talk about magic, at first with the indication that he would use it. It’s not the Regina/Henry story – Belle doesn’t expect Rumple to not use magic. She just doesn’t want him to be as addicted to it anymore as he is now, and she doesn’t want him to use his magic to harm others. In the end, she is the conscience Rumple lost when he became the Dark One, because as we remember – originally, before he claimed the powers, he told Bae that he wanted to take them to do good things with them, help others, safe the children fighting in the Ogre War. When he assumed the powers, he seemed to have forgotten that intention – and maybe is Belle now the one to remember him, and with him having lived for so long without his powers, and without a real need for them also, it could work.
Ultimately, she shows that she has faith in him, real, honest faith; that she believes in him, and that she stands by his side without being the shy girl who doesn’t have an own opinion. That’s what I love about the character, because by that, by her intelligence, independence and self confidence, she also makes her feelings for Rumple believable; that she isn’t a case of Stockholm Syndrome, but indeed loves him – while being completely conscious of all his mistakes. It may at the same time be what makes it so hard for Rumple to believe that she loves him, but I think he recognizes that she’s neither kidding him or herself.
And I may repeat myself her, but this is what makes the Rumple/Belle relationship the most beautiful and romantic one for me, over all the others in OUAT.
Yes, I fear what comes next. Next week, and in those following. Only today I read in an interview that even Robert Carlyle was shocked when he read the scripts for episodes 12 and 13. And he, as an actor, is supposed to have much more information than we fans. Therefore I really don’t want to think about what expects us now… And yet, just because I’m completely addicted to this show, I can’t wait.
To say it with Spooky’s words: I’m doomed.

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