In the wake of the Paleyfest and some great revelations, “The Queen Is Dead” was almost unspectacular in comparison. For about the first 32 minutes.

I’m not making a secret of the fact that I’m not the biggest Snow fan on Earth; or a Charmings fan, for that matter. “The Two Idiots”, anyone? Yeah. Nevertheless, and as OUAT has proven more than once before, makes this show even the episodes that focus on characters you don’t like that much interesting and captivating. Especially if you suddenly see connection which would make the whole thing not only messier, but also so much more exciting… than it is already anyways. And even though this episode again seemed more like a preparation episode than anything else – as we know that next week’s will throw a bomb at us (or several) – it still revealed some interesting new information and insight.
OUAT’s most recent episode starts with a walking ball of cotton candy. Named Snow White. The flashback to the former FTL gives us a young Snow whose mother is still alive; setting time before they – Snow and her dad – met Regina. And Lil’ Snow is everything but a nice and decent girl. She seems to be quite spoiled, even though her mother makes an impression of having always carefully paid attention to teaching Snow how to behave, and how to be good. But, as children are, Princess Snow is a literal brat – scolding her maid servant for putting on the tiara that is soon to belong to Snow – she’s about to be crowned with it on the following day, her birthday.
Now, the thing with Snow’s behavior is – she’s what, six or seven at the time? All the important basics concerning human behavior you should have learned by now. If she is like this, then she may have changed to the person we know now – but she nevertheless still has it in her. This not-so-good persona I mean. This becomes also clear later when she emphasizes that her ways of acting and making decisions comes from the lesson she learned from her mother; from this lesson to always be good and kind. So it obviously indeed doesn’t come naturally to her.
For now, and judging by everything we see, it’s completely different for her mother, Queen Eva. Hats off to Rena Sofer, she’s a fantastic Eva, and she even made me forget that until now I only ever saw her as NCIS Gibbs’ love interest. Instead, she is the beautiful (that dress!) and kind-hearted Queen; her performance is absolutely believable, and it’s a shame that we may never see her again. I hope that Ed&Adam will bring her back nonetheless; wouldn’t be anything new that they tell a story in reversed order – so why not show how Eva became to be like this, what her reasons for seeing the whole goodness thing as so important is?
So Eva collapses and soon we learn that she is deadly ill. Due to the time and place this plays, there are no hospitals and no modern medicine, so neither we nor the other characters (Snow, Johanna…) know what really is the problem with Eva. All the doc knows is that the Queen is dying. So far this isn’t very spectacular, as we knew beforehand that Eva would die; and whatever Snow tries now will not help, or she won’t go through with it.
Still it is interesting what she does – after a tip from Johanna, Snow goes in search for the Blue Fairy. Who was already associated with Eva – and which consequently makes one wonder in what regard Eva needed the BF’s powers and services.
Johanna knows that the BF has magic that can heal Eva. Or generally heal the ill ones. Maybe Snow was once, right after she was born, sick? In SB in our time, when Johanna and Snow meet, the older woman says that Snow was born in winter – or, more precise, “during the harshest one of all”. That’s another reason why we’d need another flashback into Snow’s and also Eva’s past, as something must have happened then; something meaningful.
In the forest at night Snow is supposed to wish upon a blue star and the BF will appear (this is another piece where Snow White and Pinocchio – as renewed fairy tales in OUAT – are connected). The blue star btw reminded me a lot of the third Narnia movie…
Okay, so this is where I totally fell for it as well. I totally thought that the being appearing is indeed the Blue Fairy. The one we know. The one offering… dark magic? Bit strange that, but if you never make the connection, well… she did look and act like the fairy we know, after all, and as far as I am concerned – I don’t really trust her, so I actually think her capable of doing what we saw “her” doing. I admit though that it should have made me suspicious when the Blue Fairy used Rumple’s standard sentence – that all magic comes with a price. And indeed it did make me wonder; only that I thought that maybe in some way she is associated with the Dark Side, after all.
As said the BF offers Snow Dark Magic – or “magic forbidden to fairies”, as she calls it – to heal her mother. It comes in form of a candle; Snow has to light it over the one whose life she wants to take to give it to her mom. Or in other words – if one lives, another one has to die. There’s no cheating death, not even in FTL, it seems.
They leave us hanging then. As the episode continues, we only can wait for what Snow will do. And yes, I expected her to at least try the candle, but then maybe interrupt the process or anything when her guilty conscious gets in the way. Wouldn’t have thought that she would refrain from it completely. Alas, she does, and so she can only admit to Eva that she did this terrible thing of getting a magical solution from the Blue Fairy, but then couldn’t use it because she couldn’t kill another one to save her mom. It’s the first step to becoming a better person, and a better ruler/Queen someday, also. It is also her way of keeping the legacy of her mother, whom Snow made proud by the decision she made by showing goodness.
On the next day, the funeral ceremony for Eva takes place. Johanna is now taking care of Snow; most probably is she taking the mother role here, since she’s the only elder woman Snow has known since her birth. Nothing of the earlier royal/servant relationship is left, from one day to another they get along very well. Not going to be picky here, but even though the death of a loved one can make us rethink our actions and behavior, and encourage us to change things, ultimately the actual process of changing takes a lot longer. Interestingly enough, and considering Snow’s and Johanna’s relationship as they show it in SB, there were no bigger conflicts.
Not that it would be of importance now. Because as the funeral ends and Eva remains alone on the pedestal they placed her, the Blue Fairy appear again. And here we approach minute 32; the one I mentioned in my introduction.
The Blue Fairy – this one here – is no one else than Cora in disguise. This even leads to a funny scene, which is hilarious and misplaced at the same time (I loved it though) – Cora’s first words after turning back to her real self are, an almost-whiny voice, “I hate that outfit” – accompanied by a shudder. Certainly released some tension after the first shock at Cora’s scheme…
…before they continued with the next Shocker (I wanted to spell them with a capital S – seems to be a lot more appropriate for OUAT). Cora poisoned Eva so that ultimately Regina could become Queen. And that was the moment when I thought: Oh my gosh, they are related!
My first idea was: They are sisters. However, in the time between watching the ep and writing this review some pictures appeared on the internet; promo pics for 2×16 that Eva and Cora may be related after all, just not in the way I originally thought.
The above mentioned idea included, that the two women are sisters and just one was able to get the attention of a king, thus becoming Queen, while the other was jealous and had to retreat. To me, it would have made sense; when both came from a poor family, but while Cora was always eager to be something better, something royal, it was Eva who got the prince (or king) in the end. Of course would Cora be angry and jealous, and she does have it in her to kill her own sister just to make her dreams and goals come true.
Seeing the promo pics, it looks a lot more like Eva and Henry were siblings. Now I can’t claim that I fully understand how they are all supposed to be related, but it looks like Eva and Henry both were children of King Xavier, and most probably was Eva the older one who then became Queen. Or something happened that made her Queen instead of Cora’s husband Henry. But what then really confuses me is that I always thought Cora’s problem was that Henry wasn’t of royal heritage. If he was, then she would be royalty, even if she isn’t the Queen.
Last thought on that is that, no matter how they are related, Eva used to be arrogant and looked down at Cora, a mere miller’s daughter. She also says it to the dead Eva – now she’ll take care that Snow knows how she felt once: “how it feels to be the miller’s daughter”. This is another reason why I thought that those two are related/sisters. This is very personal, and it would make most sense when they grew up together and Cora then felt betrayed by Eva because she had expected her to act differently from how she did (whatever she did).
In any case do I think that we’ll find Cora and Eva related in some way, thus also adding Cora and Regina to Snow’s family, blood-wise. Now, if they find that out when in Storybrooke today – something only Cora can tell them, or Rumple – it will make for even more confusion and distress among the main cast. Wow, Ed&Adam sure love to torture their characters…
Snow in SB in our time doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday; she doesn’t even want to be reminded of the day. The day her mother died. She gets even angry at David making breakfast (huh?). And although she doesn’t want to celebrate, doesn’t even want to think of her birthday – understandably so – she gets a present. It’s the tiara – the tiara that earned Johanna the reprimand from Snow so many years back. Until now, Snow had no idea that Johanna is in SB, what makes one wonder how big this town is… but then were Snow and Emma also for a good while off to FTL, as David mentions.
Anyways, Snow visits Johanna at just the right time – because there chat is cut short by nothing less than Cora and Regina digging for Rumple’s dagger. And we hear Cora say to her daughter:

“I’ll use that dagger to force the Dark One to kill anyone you like.”

Yeah, sure. As if. I guess it’s safe to assume that Cora would rather have the powers to herself. For now, however, we have to believe that she indeed would try and use Rumple – have him take the blame before she assumes his magic. Well. If Cora would have taken the time to just once look at the people of SB and how they think, what they think about each other, she never would have had that stupid idea. The magic lies in research. Because no matter how much the people of SB fear and mistrust Rumple – most of them (or the important ones at least) know that he wouldn’t just kill random people without reason. And if one thing is for certain it’s that they’d know the reason if there was one.
Second thought on that one – it is also, if it really is Cora’s plan to become the Dark One – not thought through because as soon as she is the DO, the others could control her with the dagger. Sure, they’d have to get it first, but this is about theories. And theoretically, they could get the dagger.
In the end, it’s the same as with ALADDIN and the Genie (talking about Disney here, not Sidney Glass). Remember when Jafar in the original movie wished to have a genie’s powers? Well he got them. But as Aladdin then said – “Phenomenal cosmic powers! […] Itty-bitty living space.” Now apply that to the Dark One and the dagger becomes their lamp, figuratively. Actually is the thought an appealing one – being able to control Cora. There’s just one catch to the whole thing: For Cora to become the Dark One, Rumple would have to die. Which is not gonna happen. I’m saying that because I’m in some sort of denial or anything, but because I know it won’t happen. Even if there weren’t tons of spoilers already confirming his survival (meaning, his appearance in later episodes), they wouldn’t kill a central and so incredibly important character as Rumple. They could end the show right then and there.
With her shocking news of what Cora and Regina plan Snow returns to David, only to find him knocked down in the Sheriff’s station, but I’ll come to that later. The two first try to call Gold, who doesn’t pick up, so they need another plan – and Snow goes to lure Regina in for a talk, claiming that she’s heard of Henry.
What I thought was interesting here is that even when Regina hears that it was all just a trick to get Regina to talk to her, Regina stays nonetheless. I expected her to leave Granny’s right away. That she didn’t proves, to my mind, that the willingness to be good is still somewhere inside her. It’s not the words that are important here, but her actions. She listens. And as much as she claims that she wants to destroy the Charmings and so on, her actions show that a part of her is looking for a way out. May that part be small and weak, but it is (still) there, and this is what we need to know to be assured that Regina isn’t a lost cause yet.
One thing that Regina says is true though:

“I was always the Queen; you added Evil to my name.”

In the end, they supported Regina’s evilness. Of course there was barely a chance for them to change her, as she was (and is) so lost in her desire for vengeance that she can’t see where she is heading down the wrong path. Only in SB she realized it. Slowly – because she wasn’t there, not even close, when she followed that right path for a while – the one to redemption. On the other hand she more than once showed that she only did it to win back Henry; it wasn’t like she was actually understanding that there’s more to it than just laying off magic and trying to be friendly to the others.
All this was, however, destroyed the moment the Charmings willingly believed that Regina had killed Archie. Just because she is the Evil Queen. Effectively they pushed her right back into her evilness, and into Cora’s arms. And it showed that the Charmings never were about to give Regina even the chance to redeem herself, and prove herself innocent.
What angered me were Snow’s words about Regina having earned enough good will with her that Snow would give her another chance. What the?! This was incredibly arrogant, and to my mind proved that Snow herself also isn’t the nice person she pretends to be; that there’s still a lot of the brat she used to be as a child in her. Yes, she is right when she says that Cora doesn’t care about Regina or Henry. But Snow doesn’t seem to care much about Regina either. I think the only person who’d actually give Regina a chance and even support her is Emma (as we saw in 2×10). What makes Emma wiser and better than her parents; even considering that she hasn’t known Regina for as long as the Charmings have).
When Regina unsurprisingly refuses to do as Snow asks, the Charmings get themselves help from Mother Superior and at first try to break into Rumple’s shop. Now we make of the “Two Idiots” three please, because come on – did they really believe that Rumple would hide the dagger, the means to control him, or a hint how to find the same, in his shop, of all places? Yes, it is usually said that precious things should always be hidden in plain sight because no one would look there, but – seriously?! Even Regina and Cora knew better where to look. Well, knew where to look, period. Even if it turned out to be a ruse; going to Belle was still way cleverer than trying the shop.
Meanwhile, Emma can thankfully send a text message that finally reveals the location of the dagger. And hello – in the clock tower? Talk about clever. Who would have ever thought of that place? Hidden in one of the hands of the clock. Genius. Thought I do wonder how Rumple got up there with his leg. I would almost say Belle helped him, but so far I’m not sure that Belle even knows. Knew. Anyways.
Okay, now this is me saying: Had never have gone there, the Evil Duo would have found the dagger. I think they were just waiting for the Charmings to make exactly that move – try to get the dagger first – so they could just follow them and take it away. The other way around – them watching the Evil Duo – would have been wiser. Alas, what’s done is done, as stupid as it may ever have been.
For a second there it even looks like they are winning. But of course this is OUAT. So Cora and Regina appear (surprise, surprise…) – with Johanna. A cynic Trekkie would now say: She’s the redshirt of the episode. And indeed does it look grim when Regina rips out her heart and threatens to crush it if the Charmings don’t give the dagger to the Evil Duo.
This was the moment I really had no idea what would happen. To be honest, I thought they’d let Johanna die just to keep the dagger. Because as heartless as it may sound now – but the dagger in the Evil Duo’s possession could mean the death of many more people. Sure is it never a choice – let one die now, or take the chance that many others could die later. Still, we and the Charmings as well know what especially Cora is capable of. Unlike Regina she has killed many people just like that, just because they were in the way or she needed them as bait, or whatever (remember the whole village Cora extinguished in FTL, just to make zombies of them and distract the Quartet?).
I’m saying that judging from the knowledge we have until now. I think Regina always only wanted to see the Charmings dead; she didn’t kill random people unless there was a good reason. Well, good reason in her opinion, like with Graham. But as far as she is concerned, she did have good reason to crush his heart. That is not to say that I was happy about it; by no means. But Cora is still way more evil than Regina.
This is also kind of proven when Snow gives up the dagger, fulfilling the Evil Duo’s demands. Because Regina would have let Johanna live – she gives her back her heart, and lets her go to the Charmings. Only that Cora has other plans, and magically pushes Johanna off the clock tower. Regina plays along, remains evil on the outside – but there are glimpses when you see how shocked she is. Not only at her mother murdering Johanna after all; but also at what is revealed before: When Cora speaks of the candle, Snow realizes that it was never the Blue Fairy – but Cora all along. Meaning that it was Cora who made her mother sick. This is not so much of a revelation for us – we already know that. But for Regina it indeed is. And she looks more than mildly confused, even shocked, at what she hears.
Later, when the Evil Duo is in the Mayor’s Office, Regina reconstructs what happened all those years back in FTL, giving us an insight into the sides of events we haven’t seen yet. And she realizes that the whole thing, from the very beginning, was a mere construct by Cora – rescuing Snow, meeting King Leopold, becoming Queen. Just as she realizes that Cora may have her own agenda, like Snow told her earlier at Granny’s. You can read in her face that Regina doesn’t really trust her mother’s promises, what with Henry coming back to Regina and all. As Regina notices correctly, they can’t use the dagger or Gold to kill anyone, because the Charmings know that the Duo has it.
So what to do with it? Cora must know that she can’t use the Dark One’s powers of there is no Dark One around; just the dagger is only an empty lamp without Genie. A nice decorative object, nothing more. I doubt that she can all upon Rumple when he is outside the magical confines that are the only ones in this world. Plus, I think we know that is not what happens.
Unless, of course, Cora knows something else from her time with Rumple no one of us, neither in OUAT nor in front of the screens, have gotten to know until now. Something about how to use the dagger’s powers without Rumple, something that will make her even more evil.
And while Cora plots and pulls Regina along, Snow has a few ideas of her own. When she and David bury Johanna, it becomes clear that the recent events have changed something inside her. She loses faith in good. She wants a happy ending and she wants it now: “No more lives lost, no more hearts broken.” Something has to change. She has to change. And ultimately, this leads her to her very own and in many ways game-changing moment:

“I’m going to kill Cora.”

Interestingly enough she only plans to kill Cora; not Regina. Even though before she regretted that she spared Regina’s life when they had her arrested in FTL. I would have thought that the logical consequence is that they kill both and end it once and for all. The Charmings must know that Regina is too much under the influence of her mother to ever forgive Snow if she does it. Unless Snow thinks she can then redeem Regina – which, given the previous events, is a pretty arrogant assumption in my opinion. When Snow kills Cora – and I’m saying “when” and not “if” because it seems to be that she’ll indeed die. Although with Ed&Adam, we never know…
Anyways. This is definitely gonna get ugly, and may just give Regina a very good reason for her hate for and death threats against the Charmings. Which ultimately will bring us back to square one, and the Evil Queen indeed back into our and the characters’ lives, just like Lana Parilla announced/hinted at at the Paleyfest.
On a side note: The clock tower was always literally a central spot of SB. So is there any meaning to it having been destroyed, I wonder? Well, the clock anyways, but this was the one thing that always told us what is going on in SB. Like when it began to move after Emma had decided to stay in town. Like it showed us that the important things always happened quarter past eight – Emma activating time again, magic coming back to SB… Now that it is destroyed, will it have consequences for the town?
So as mentioned earlier, Hook awaits David at the Sheriff’s station and knocks him down – to get his hook back. And again I wondered – why is he free anyways?! Why didn’t they lock him up? Because he hasn’t done anything wrong so far? Huh?! It’s like an ironic look at the law system in our world. “Oh, well, but he didn’t do anything, so there is no legal reason to lock him away in a cell.” Legal reason, my… you know the text.
So thanks to the Two Idiots Hook is free to take off – to find his crocodile. Facepalm moment for me because I really wondered how he would manage to get there by plane… but of course, he has a ship. And since he never possessed any magic (none coming from himself anyways), he also can’t lose it. And as he wasn’t part of the original Curse, he also keeps his memories. Okay.
Meanwhile in New York, Bae and Henry happily chat away and ignore Emma and Gold when they take a walk to get some pizza. Once again we see that father and son – the younger duo of them – get along very well, and it is almost like Bae would do the same as his father: Trying to be better than his father. Which brings me to the thought that maybe, when Bae only has known Henry a bit longer, lived through some situations with him, he could come around to at least a bit understand his own father. But we shall see.

“It’s a sad truth that the people closest to us are the ones capable of causing us the most pain.”

This is what Gold says to Emma when they wait in front of the pizza place – and he is absolutely right to us. I think he even applies that to himself, as he knows that he hurt his son by letting him go all those years (centuries…) back, like Bae told him earlier in his apartment. The lack of understanding, of willingness to forgive, consequently also hurts the one who originally made the mistake – sort of closing a circle here. And so it is with Bae and Rumple as it is with Emma and Henry. He’s still angry at Emma for lying to him, and as Gold recognizes correctly, it makes them have something in common; her and Gold, that is.
And so we slowly work towards a closer association between Emma and Rumple, something I guess will turn out to be extremely interesting. Ironically Emma is the only one with an… open mind; the one who may be best able to accept certain things, and see them in a new light where everyone else already has their pre-formed opinion because of their experience. This can also be (part of) what Rumple will need in the end to finally give up his dark powers.
So Rumple asks Emma to convince Bae to come with them to SB. Among a number of other reasons, he also says to Emma that he can see that she wants to be with “that man”. And this confused me. Because instead of saying a name or “my son”, he uses a phrase that completely detaches him from Bae in that moment. Is it because he disapproves of Emmas and Baes relationship? And because of Henry coming out of it – since the boy is who Rumple thinks will be responsible for his downfall? There is no other reason I can think of for why a man who desperately wants his son with him, wants his son to forgive him, would formulate such a sentence.
Speaking of downfall. Bae wants to go to a museum with Henry, so the boy wants to go back and get his camera from his dad’s apartment (he had a bag/any kind of luggage with him?!). And when they return and Emma and Gold wait downstairs… well, guess who’s showing up all of a sudden, and with a rage. Our lovely pirate. Stabbing (hooking?!) Rumple with his hook in the chest – “Tick tock. Time’s up, crocodile.”. Luckily he is knocked down by Emma before he can swing his Hook a second time. Bae comes back – and recognizes Hook. And yes, I cheered then because last week I theorized that Bae and Hook know each other – and indeed they do.
Question now is – how? There’s a lot of speculation in the fandom that Bae is Peter Pan. It would be the obvious thing I guess, and it would be so great because then the son of the crocodile would be Hook’s enemy. But I also think it is too easy. If Ed and Adam should have learned anything by now it is that fans always go for the obvious; so they would do good trying to explains something with a not so obvious story. It’s hard in this case, but maybe Bae was sort of a student of Peter. Or he was aboard Hook’s ship, with Hook actually taking care of the boy until Bae realized that his mentor isn’t at all Mr. Nice Guy, thus letting them have a fallout.
Bae having been with Hook, but not as his prisoner but the kid Hook took care of would also make sense, as it would explain why Bae is able to captain the Jolly Rodger, as we learn he is a bit later. Now, my knowledge about Peter Pan is limited at best, so I’m not sure what it takes to be able to steer that ship, but it sounded like this is a special skill not everyone has and can acquire. Therefore Bae being a kid favored by Hook would only make sense.
I really don’t want to continue that thought to where I’d come to the conclusion that then Bae was probably on board and/or with Hook when the pirate and Rumple first met. Or that he was aboard with his mother Milah, and also saw her die at Rumple’s hand…
It’s as dire a situation if there ever was one Rumple is in now. Because not only is he hurt – the hook was also poisoned. And as Rumple knows – there is no antidote in the world that can heal him now, except for magic. So they need to go back to SB, and Emma is the one suggesting Hook’s ship. This is when we – and a shocked Rumple and Emma – learn that Bae is able to captain it. And even though before when Emma talked to him as asked to by Gold Bae wasn’t all that receptive to the idea of going to SB – and we’ll find out later what the reason for that is – he is now willing to bring the family (okay, this sounds awesome :D) to their town so his father will have a chance to survive.
Being family and related by blood isn’t what saves Henry from a few angry words from Gold. Following the Seer’s prediction, he blames the boy for his injury and his likely soon death. It’s a glimpse at the evil part of Rumple, the part that isn’t the nice and gentle man he’s shown to be more often in the past episodes than ever before. Well, to be towards people who are important; not talking about Smee here.
As for Bae’s trip to Neverland he now sort of confirms: Of course it explains his age, and that he isn’t several hundred years old as he’d be supposed to be had he come to our world right away. Well, okay, but he would be dead by now, so… anyways. What it doesn’t explain – and I’m not getting tired wondering about that, did it more than one time before I think – is how Bae then was able to travel worlds twice. Once from FTL to NL (Neverland, not Netherlands), and then from NL to our world. Doesn’t make sense, since no world seems to have a stack of Magical Beans or anything else allowing easy and repeated travel. In a sense of, even if there was one Magical Bean (or something similar), why should it have been given to Bae? Unles she stole it; but then Hook was a good teacher, as we get to know Bae as an honest and decent boy.
Okay, I won’t get the answer to that before the season finale I guess, so I’ll just have faith in Ed&Adam. Or maybe they make a mistake after all, which would also be nice for a change; to see that they are not as perfect *lol*
The rest that follows is mostly preparation again, or more important for the other plotlines. Well, mostly. There is this little thing about family again – when Emma asks Rumple to tell her where the dagger is hidden so she can pass on that info to her parents. It was to be expected that he refuses to do so; until Emma tells him that he needs to trust someone, and family is a very good place to start with it. Every person in the room is family, in one way or another; his son, his grandson and his sort-of daughter-in-law. Plus, the latter has proven more than once that she’s one of those most willing to actually help Rumple. Maybe, for one reason, she’s the one best able to understand him. And that Rumple listens to (her) reason is shown when he indeed gives her the location of his dagger.
In the end, we see Emma and Neal head down a street to finally arrive at a car. They chat easily on their way there, and it is almost painfully obvious that they are still very much into each other. Especially Emma, who positively lights up in his presence after their bumpy (re)start. Therefore claiming that her mood is literally darkened when suddenly someone appears she obviously didn’t think possible is not all that wrong. It’s clear to read in her face that Tamara, the woman Neal introduces as his fiancee, gives Emma a big shock, and she has a hard time to keep the smile in her face.
At least it seems as if Tamara won’t come with them to SB; and again I say that once in Storybrooke, I sort of doubt that Bae will leave it anytime soon, if at all. Which leaves it for Tamara to comes to the magical town – and for us to find out if she is more than just a random woman Neal met in our world, because I doubt that she is. Although it would be very nice to see how and if a “normal” person personally connected to someone from FTL accepts all this magical madness – contrary to Greg, whom I still think to be more than meets the eyes, especially because of “Her”. Maybe Tamara is “Her”…?
Anways, I end this here; been a bit shorter than usual, but the next ep may give reason to write a lot more. We shall see.

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