And after a good year, we finally get Hook’s history. This episode was actually interesting in that regard, even though it left a question or two unanswered… questions it prompted to begin with, where I didn’t think it should have.
* If it was for me, I’d only talk about one thing this time: Captain Swan. Okay, so it is my decision, because it is my review… anyways.
Well. Emma and Hook. Oh my God. That kiss. Just… wow. That surely was one hell of a sexy kiss, and they both were really into it. No doubts there. There was a need reflected there, and definitely the results of days, weeks, of tension.
However, that wasn’t what was so interesting about it. It was, to me, in particular Hook’s behavior and reaction. Because that guy has fallen head over heels for Emma, and it was never more clear than in these moments. Painfully clear; I felt really sorry for Hook. We all know that there’s a rocky road ahead, what with Neal being alive, Emma having her commitment issues and so on. There are a thousand reasons why this will never work out, and it is, will be, heartbreaking – for Hook. He clearly couldn’t handle it.
I wonder if he knew it, before. He teased Emma about it – but had he made clear to himself how much Emma means to him? I don’t think so. He might have known that he is attracted to her, very much so, but not that he is actually in love with her. And I’m sure he is; there’s more to it than momentary attraction. Only after they’d kissed, after he’d gotten a real taste of her (both literally and figuratively), he realizes that all his fooling around has been true the whole time. He was just good at ignoring it – or maybe he just didn’t recognize it, because let’s face it, it must have been ages since Hook was in love the last time.
Then there is this thing that was going around the internet as soon as the scene came out (as sneak peek, go figure). At the end, after Emma tells Hook it was a one-time thing (yeah, sure), and then goes, telling him to wait a few minutes and then follow her, he answer with “As you wish.” So apparently this was a repeated sentence in “The Princess Bride” (I’ve only seen once, and unfortunately not in English) – and it ultimately meant “I love you”. Of course this puts Emma’s smirk at Hook’s reply into an entirely different context. Does she know the movie? Does she think of it in that moment? Can she even assume that Hook knows it as well? Could TPB part of the OUAT universe, thus be real and canon, also in regards to quotes and their meanings? We’ve already crossed the fiction/reality bridge with Neal mentioning Disney’s Mulan to our Mulan – why not bringing in film classics like this one as well? This may be a bit far-fetched, but it would be interesting if they come back to it.
So where do we go from here? I have to include at this point that Hook has just learned from Pan that Neal is alive. One doesn’t need to be a genius to know that this makes for a terrible moral conflict for poor Hook – if he tells Emma, she’ll probably focus in Neal again. If he doesn’t tell her and she finds out he knew, and she would find out, he’d never again have a chance with her. She would hate him for lying to her, from keeping the truth for selfish reasons. Nothing else it would be also.
On the other hand so far we’ve always seen him do everything for Emma, so Emma can be happy, eventually. He is there to help her search for Henry. This is a crucial fact: there’s nothing in it for him as he risks his life that isn’t even remotely his. When David tells him in the face that he’s only there for Emma anyways, it’s meant to be a accusation of ulterior motives, but as Hook says: Isn’t that reason enough? He’s there and risks his life, his health, even his freedom, and he only does it for the vague hope that maybe, maybe, Emma could be his one day; could fall in love with him. But he has no guarantee of it at all; and he knows it, especially with Emma.
I think and hope Hook will do the right thing. Show Emma how truthful he is; that he indeed is there for her, that he has changed. If he ever needed changing.
* Because there is this past story we get this time is, as already mentioned: Hook’s past. Or, more to the fact, Killian Jones‘. A lieutenant with the Royal Army, a honorable man and second in command to his brother, who is the captain of the ship and mission they are on. Their mission is to find a plant that is said to contain a substance that will heal wounded. Later we learn that this substance actually is Dreamshade – the stuff that is deadly poisonous, what Hook used to try and kill Rumple, and what is now cursing through David’s body.
The first thing I noticed was: The Jewel of the Realm. The ship that later becomes the Jolly Roger. J-R. They just couldn’t resist, could they? ^^ Though I don’t think it became clear if there’s any deeper meaning to the name Jolly Roger…
Their journey leads them actually to Neverland – with the help of a special sail, made of Pegasus feathers. Uh, what? First of all – poor Pegasus, he has to look quite naked now. And second of all – so that’s another way to passing into another realm. Or is it? I’m still wondering about where NL actually is. Another world, another realm, another reality? Or all the same, just hidden? Basically the Lost island of our world?
Nice touch was the directions Captain Liam Jones gave: Towards the “Second star to the right, straight on till morning.” Nice shoutout to NL, Peter Pan and of course last season finale’s episode titles.
So the first and only person Liam and Killian meet on NL is no one else than Pan. And at least he tries to warn the brothers of Dreamshade, of how dangerous it is. Quite unexpected; you would think he’d just let them go and run into their doom. Wonder why he warned them? Maybe because he knew that at least Liam wouldn’t listen – and he doesn’t. Killian is sweet here, naive and cautious, believing Pan; possibly a candidate to have become a Lost Boy earlier on, if the timing had been right?
What we learn about Hook is that he indeed is a good and decent person. When he learns that Dreamshade is dangerous, he realizes what the king’s orders really are – how he wants a deadly weapon instead of medicine. He assumes that the king must know of the true effect of the substance, which is a bit surprising – because shouldn’t he have more faith in his king?

“I fight my enemies, but I fight fair.”

Except for his feud with Rumple he more or less started out of some arrogance (but then, he didn’t actually hurt Rumple; he could have easily killed him back then, like probably every other pirate would have, but he didn’t!), we’ve always seen this to be true. He has never intentionally hurt or even killed anyone. Correct me if I’m wrong and forgetting something, but so far I always had this feeling that Hook isn’t a classic pirate; he’s too kind-hearted for it. He’s not in the business of hurting people out of fun; he must have a reason, like with Rumple.
The rest of the story is mostly what we need to fill a few gaps in plot and history. Liam cuts himself, is on the verge of dying, and Pan tells Killian how he can save his brother – with the water from a waterfall hidden behind the Dreamshade bushes. And then there it is:

“All magic comes with a price.”

And I seriously wondered about the hen/egg thing. Who said it first? How far back goes Pan? And… is there more than the known and obvious connection between Rumple and Pan? What if Pan is Rumple’s father who somehow landed in NL, turned back into a young boy, and evil, for some reason? I mean, this quite has to have some origin. Or is it a common saying in these lands?
At the very end, we learn what the price is – Pan of course conveniently kept to himself. The moment they are back in known waters (and not flying through the clouds anymore – so if NL somehow, somewhere up there?! This drives me crazy…), Liam dies because the spring water loses its effect.
Funnily enough Hook isn’t angry at Pan or NL – no, he is angry at the king who sent them on this mission in the first place and thus basically killed his brother. Okay, logic, but let’s not talk about that. In any way is he now captain, and he uses his new rank to turn the ship into a pirate one. Pirate Captain Killian Jones is born.
But at the very least, it is now more clear where Hook’s still-present honor comes from. And to where he might just be able to return, if only he is given the chance. I mean, he is trying already, and I always believed he could return to the good and honorable side.
* Coinciding with the flashbacks to Hook’s earlier life is the little adventure Hook and Charming go on. I’m really starting to like this sort-of bromance between them. They’ll probably never be the best of friends, which is good I assume, but at least they’re starting to try and get along, which is nice to see.
What we have here is Hook saving Charming’s life. This is all great, but – I don’t know, I don’t really trust the whole thing. I want it to be real, I want them to get along, but on the other side… I hate myself for not being able to fully trust Hook. I should; we’ve seen he can be trusted. He was offered by Pan what he really wants, and yet he did the right thing. Or did he?
Especially since I absolutely expected to give David the water without telling him everything. But then he did. Did tell him of the catch of it all, that David would heal and live, but have to remain on the island. Now, I don’t imagine that is what will happen – pretty sure they’ll find a way. After all, there still are Rumple, Regina and Emma – what use were they of if their magic, even combined, wouldn’t be able to do something?
In general we have to remind ourselves that all that, the whole climb-up, lying to David and so on, was done so Hook could save David. Woah. Talk about getting on the in-law’s good side. And it works also. When they’re back, David thanks Hook, even explains how the pirate saved his life; even though he doesn’t say quite the truth. Needless to say that we can suspect a bigger outcome here, what with David still keeping the secret of what really happened, and that he is now confined to NL. At this point I also wonder whether this will have some aftermath in regards to Emma and Snow, who will know that Hook knows/knew the truth the minute they learn it – will they be angry? Ask why he didn’t tell?
* As for Charming himself, there’s one thing I noticed: He says goodbye to Emma and Snow – heartfelt goodbyes also – but not for one moment he even looks at Regina. Why? If he was believing he wouldn’t return, couldn’t he at least said a farewell? Or did he think it would give away the true expected outcome of the mission? But really, anything, at least a nod or something, he could have given. Instead, he just ignored her. Very, very strange. Maybe only a script error, after all?
And then there is his return – and that one had me laughing (also equals as Funny Moment): He comes back and outright attacks Snow, basically snogs her to the ground. What the hell?! I wasn’t the only one thinking that, apparently – the horror on both Emma’s and Regina’s faces told tales of “Good grief, get a room!”
And while Emma complained (priceless), Regina remarked dryly that she’s wishing for another Sleeping Curse. I almost died of laughter. I LOVED that they included it like that and didn’t make it all soppy-kitschy. This felt very real, very true. And was hilarious.
* Then there is Henry, who is once again on his best way to becoming a Lost Boy. At first, we see him as an outsider, back to sitting at the edge of the camp. He’s not dancing around the fire anymore, he’s keeping his distance. But of course has Pan a way to get him back into the game.
I strongly assume the boy challenging Henry was made to do so by Pan. I doubt any of the boys would dare to lay a finger on Henry without the boss’ permission. Nevertheless, the boy is a good actor, and Pan an even better and, more importantly, convincing teacher. He appeals to the prince in Henry, the boy who wants to be a hero, and gives him a real sword. Fascinating thing for him of course, and oh so tempting.
For Henry, there seems to be only an upside – not only is he allowed to use a real sword (and really, which boy wouldn’t want that), he can also fight one of the Boys he must see as enemies of sorts. And hurt them. So he does. And, shockingly enough – he enjoys it. He’s happy when he cuts the other boy with his sword. Way to go, Pan.
* Changing to Regina, Emma and the cut boy, because this is where the story is told then. The two mums and Snow meet the boy (he has a name, but I can’t remember it) – and are told that it was Henry who cut him. I loved how especially Regina is very shocked; I think she is the one here who realizes what this means: That it might be already too late.
Not that Emma is any less worried – and thus we get a scene I honestly would never expected to see. Regina rips out the kids heart. With Emma’s approval. And of course much to Snow’s horror, but we ignore that at this point. It is so interesting not because of what Regina does, but because of the fact that Emma is allowing it; is even holding back Snow from stopping her. Emma is desperate, very much so, and it means that it’s an open game now – everything can happen. Me, I don’t see the whole heart thing as not the worst that has ever happened on this show; after all, Regina isn’t killing the boy, she’s just controlling him, and she has the chance to give the heart back; I don’t doubt she also would as soon as all this is over. Or Emma would make her. But these two women nevertheless have crossed a line, especially Emma a personal one, and it will it make it very thrilling to see where this is leading.
The boy, now steered by Regina, brings Henry a mirror that allows the boy to see Emma, Regina and Snow – to give him back hope. But is that enough? After all, he doesn’t just put the mirror away when Pan comes back to the camp – he throws it away and effectively destroys it. Was it really necessary? Could that have been done differently? This is the point where I think that despite Henry’s reaction to the three women, he’s already further gone than we, or even he, know…
* As last point for today, more a side note: Neal. He is now in a cage, and hung up besides another we don’t know resides in. However, I guess it is safe to assume that it is Tink – because I can’t think of anyone else, and she is gone.
* Theory Time
While I was writing this review, something hit me. So there is this speculation about any connection between Pan and Rumple, right? Because they use the same quote and they have known each other for so long, there is bound to be a connection.
Because there is this one thing. That one tiny thing. The fire.
Rumplestiltskin, in the original tale (I have the book here) as well as in the Grimm version, and in general history of the tale, is always gleefully dancing/hopping around a fire the night before he will take the queen’s child. The Lost Boys are more than once seen dancing around a fire. Coincidence? Maybe. But then, whenever has been something coincidence in OUAT where tales are mixed up in the weirdest of ways? Exactly.
So what could it mean? At the very least, it could be the strongest hint at a connection between Rumple and the Lost Boys so far – beyond what we already know, that Rumple once was one of them. But what does it mean then? Was it maybe Rumple – as a kid – who gave the boys the idea in the first place?
So the first and only person Liam and Killian meet on NL is no one else than Pan. Which is interesting, as it gives us a time frame. Or so I thought. From what we learned last week – Pan as Pied Piper, finding a name for the boys, calling them Lost Boys from then on – we know that this is a Pan still alone on the island, since Pied Piper Pan met Dark One Rumple and teenage Rumple, so father and son after Milah had left – with Hook, as we all know. Therefore we get a very early Pan here; but one who is no less evil it seems.
Does this sound true? I think it does. Until the moment you remember that Rumple is supposed to have been a Lost Boy. So is this just about the name or is there more to it? Because how can Rumple have been a part of Pan’s boys when there apparently weren’t any, not as we know them now at least, before we met Dark One Rumple?
And the other thing: What could the Lost Boys’ dancing mean? Is it just their expression of freedom? Are they free? Because I don’t think so. Or is it simple mind-control on Pan’s side? Whenever the boys dance, Pan solidifies his power over them, because they dance themselves into trance/ecstasy. That is pretty creepy, if you think about it…

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