And here we come to one of my absolute favorites and, as I had to realize, an episode that still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes: The first Rumbelle episode.

1×11 – Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

  • The whole Regina/Genie thing is not believable, to my mind. There is literally nothing between those two. I mean, of course as Sidney and Regina, it’s purely one-sided (I seem to remember something like feelings from Sidney’s side being implied later on), but in FTL, it’s obviously supposed to be a love story. But there is nothing – no heat, no electricity in the air between them, no nothing. Compared to all the other couples, they are as passionate as two dried leaves. And even if Regina was only pretending; at least the love from Genie’s side should be visible.
  • You know, thinking about it, it’s rather strange that Henry would be so suspicious towards August. I mean, after all should someone coming to a town that officially doesn’t exist and is usually not found by anyone from the outside be a good thing. It could mean the Curse is slowly losing its power. Yet Henry is showing so much resentment. It doesn’t make any sense. Unless, of course, he’s irritated by the stranger’s secrecy.
  • One has to appreciate how clever Regine is. She was asked about the money and didn’t tell Emma. She knew so well that Emma would investigate and the files she left on her computer were obviously incomplete, leading to wrong conclusions. Ultimately, she found the best way to get what she wants – Emma staying away from Henry. It’s just not yet clear why she allows Emma to remains Sheriff.

1×12 – Skin Deep

  • “I’m not looking for love.” — Oh yeah, that’s what you think…
  • I love that the dialog – the first between Belle and “the beast” is almost the same as in the Disney movie.
  • Mr Gold’s house is still the best on the show. As mystical and fascinating as the man himself. Even though it’s rather chaotic in there.
  • Right in that first scene in Rumple’s castle when he explains to Belle what her chores are we seen something that should reveal a lot about what is to come (which we of course know anyways, since those two are implied to be Beauty and the Beast): When Belle lets the cup fall and it gets chipped, she appears scared of his reaction. He is, after all, supposed to be the mean and gruesome beast; no one, least of all Belle, would have been surprised had he reacted much more fierce, by screaming or punishing her. His reaction, however, is totally different from that and thus surprising and unexpected: “It’s just a cup” he says, and doesn’t care about a simple object being damaged. Here I guess we see the Rumple he is at heart, the good man, the man who isn’t a monster, but simply used to be a father who wanted to do everything to protect his son, despite being a coward. Rumple is the textbook example for “not evil, only mislead and making wrong choices”.
  • I have seen this episode so often back in the day and I still know it by heart. Well, at least the Rumbelle scenes. The story between them, the love that show, it’s real. You can see them starting to trust each other, open up to each other and ultimately fall in love. It’s not too much or too cheesy, it’s just what happens. Sure, it started out as a master/slave sort of thing (that sounds even more wrong than… I don’t know, just wrong), but it soon enough became something much more easy-going. Surely it has its base in that aforementioned scene with the cup, when Belle saw that Rumple isn’t mean and evil, and forth-going from there she dares to open towards him – and in turn he bathes in that attention, in someone not resenting and fearing or (secretly) hating and loathing him. Essentially, it’s meant to be.
  • It is so incredibly painful to see Rumple realize that it is indeed true love. There is no other reason why the kiss should work. And it does. It is breaking the Dark One Curse, as much as Rumple doesn’t ever see it as Curse. Or least won’t admit that it is one. But one thing is undeniable – that he loves Belle, which he might already known, even though he might try and refuse to accept it, and, more importantly, that Belle loves him. But that mustn’t be, not in his world and mind, because he is a monster, someone who hates himself, who has done so much wrong and knows it, regrets it deep in his heart where there is still that good man that he is And now there is that wonderful young woman, that beauty, and she actually loves him. No reason to doubt it, because the working kiss is proof, if there ever was one. And that is, I suppose, the most heartbreaking thing about Rumple. His rage isn’t directed at Belle, even though he makes himself direct it at her. It’s directed at himself, but he doesn’t quite understand what’s going on with himself, so he lashes out at the next best thing. All that also shows in the fact that he doesn’t throw the chipped cup away, even though he furiously smashes the others. But the cup represents Belle, to some extent, in his heart, and he can’t destroy her, could never hurt her, because he loves her so much.
  • The other thing we learn here for sure is that Mr. Gold does remember. That, or his love for Belle is so strong that he feels her loss even though he doesn’t know what it is he feels. I think in the end it is a bit of both (since we learn that he indeed remembers).

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