Three today! I tried to get through Season 1, but one is still missing… ah well, leave something for tomorrow ^^

1×19 – The Return

  • I wonder if Mr. Gold realizes that Henry is his grandson? He should, after all he also knows who Emma is (I think), thus he should be aware… no hold on. Wrong thought. He can’t know, since he only knows that Henry is Emma’s kid and therefore the grandson of Snow and Charming, but he can’t possibly know that of all people in the world, Emma met and fell in love with Bae. Especially since Rumple has no idea where Bae went, if I remember right.
  • Ah, and now I remember that the whole Curse was only a way for Rumple to get to our world and find Bae. A land without magic. That’s where Bae wanted to live.
  • It’s curious that Rumple and Bae still live in the village. One would think with all the power Rumple now has they have long since moved into something bigger, better, more comfortable.
  • It’s very interesting how Bar can beg and plead with his father not to do any harm to others and yet he still does. But later on, when belle tells him, he does indeed hold on. Has it something to do with time and experience – or with who it says, I wonder? Because if it was the latter it would change so much. Rumple has been searching for Bae all this time, but for what purpose? Just because? To prove something? Was it really only love what made him do it?

1×20 – The Stranger

  • Did we ever learn if August knew Emma has come to SB? Or did he follow her around in general? Because it’s curious he should be coming to SB right after Emma arrived there.
  • If Pinocchio is turned back into wood when the Curse hits, why should it be any different when he goes through the wardrobe, did anyone ever wonder about that? Also, Gepetto bargaining like this shows that now everyone is so kind and selfless as you should expect.
  • Somehow I doubt that a seven year old boy is able to hold and carry a baby…
  • Never mind my earlier question about how August found out. Didn’t know anymore that it was answered in the episode. As a follow-up, I now wonder if August leaving Emma behind is the reason he began to turn into wood when Emma restarted time for the SB inhabitants and basically began to scratch at the Curse. Maybe, if they had stayed together as long as possible, if August had tried to make good on his promise as much as it was in his powers, he wouldn’t have that problem now? But let’s remember that magic turned him into a real human, and there is no magic in our world, so…

1×21 – An Apple Red As Bloo

  • Emma with a sword is quite some foreshadowing…
  • So first Regina is dreaming of a mob punishing her and her tree being full of rotten apples… only to later find that her tree has indeed only rotten apples left. Huh. Another foreshadowing I supposed…
  • Seems like that indeed no one can leave SB, something will always happen before that… and if it only the kid sitting next to you grabbing the steering wheel and putting you and the car off the road.
  • One has to wonder how symbolic Regina letting go of the ring she got from Daniel really is. Is it like with Rumple and Bae – her last connection to humanity? r is it rather that by letting go of that last important piece of her old life, she only takes a first step to moving on, even though she might not yet know it?
  • Does Regina even realize how much power Jefferson actually has? Or better yet, does Jefferson realize it? He knows everything. True, he might not have any magic, and breaking the Curse himself might only hold disadvantages for him, except for, of course, getting his daughter back, but he could still do so much. Regina has literally no way of punishing him; he has his house, and she has no magic, so what way could she ever hurt him? Yeah, admittedly, it is Regina, but still…

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