This is taken from the Facebook-App “Once: Untold Stories”. I discovered it and felt it to like the perfect present to my birthday… because, well, I’m a hopeless shipper 😉
Oh, and – I was grinning like mad at the fridge thing. I mean the letter itself is so incredibly adorable (and domestic *gg*), but the fridge comments are just hilarious… 😀

Rumpelstiltskin’s Letter

Forgive me. I had to depart early this morning. You were sleeping so soundly I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.
I am out on business, but I should be back just after noon to join you for lunch. I would prefer you not go out alone, as the town is much bigger than one might anticipate, but of course you are free to do so, should you wish. It is simply an advisement, neither a command nor request.
Should you choose to remain indoors, there are several items around the house with which you may not be familiar. We will confront all of them in due time, but I hope to have covered the necessities here.
I assume you will be hungry upon waking. I took the liberty of slicing a bowl of plums. They are in the refrigerator: the large man-sized metal box next to the stove. Simply pull the handle (it will open towards you), and the bowl will be sitting on the second shelf from the top. Do not be alarmed: the air is much cooler inside. For this reason, please try to remember to shut the door once you have retrieved the fruit.
On the counter next to the refrigerator is a smaller, metal shoe-box type contraption. You will see two slices of bread protruding through slits in the top. Push down on the lever so the bread disappears, wait one minute until it pops up, then remove it and place it on the plate I have set out. This box is a toaster. It has, accordingly, made you toast. DO NOT put your hands inside the slits in an attempt to pull the bread out before it has reemerged. It is VERY HOT inside the toaster. You WILL burn yourself.
Butter is on the dish by the sink. Tea is in the cupboard over the butter. I take it you have not forgotten how to use a kettle. It has been filled with water.
Should you need me, for any reason, please call. I will be upset if you do not. I know we broached this subject yesterday, but a refresher: the telephone is the “silly red upside-down hat with a curly tail” (as you aptly described it), on the table to your right when you wake up. My number is taped to the top.
I love you. I could not wait for lunch to tell you.
Please do try to remember to shut the refrigerator.

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