The second episode of season five promised to be an interesting one from the very beginning. After all, it had been announced to feature Charlotte – an older Charlotte. Or in other words: Jane’s daughter returns from the dead.

A look into Jane’s psyche is what we got. And this wasn’t a glimpse – it was actually an extensive, very revealing look. The episode started innocent enough, if one can call a murder case that. But then, it’s a crime show after all. In any way was it the usual – some crime scene action (or non-action, depends on how you wanna see it), Jane dropping some questions to the neighbor, then going into the kitchen, making tea, drinking it with that blissfully happy face…

And then all hell went loose. Okay, so it was a rather quiet hell, at least that’s how it started. The rabbit, for one, was oh so cute and cuddly. How Jane followed it, calling out “bunny” had me giggle like a little schoolgirl because I thought it was totally adorable. Then he came into that garden (after he’d met the couple that looked just wrong to begin with), that surreal because too beautiful garden, found the bunny and… his daughter.

Those who had seen the promo before – which I of course had – knew that she was supposed to be Charlotte. And of course the first thing one has to wonder about is – can it really be her? Was there a trick, was it Red John, was Jane (understandably) not thinking clear when he identified her back after the murders, and never saw that it wasn’t her? There were so many possibilities. To be honest, it could have been very interesting if she had been actually alive. But the it had also changed a lot regarding Jane and the show, as his motives to chase Red John would probably have been lessened (he surely loved his wife, but getting back his daughter might just have him find peace and stop his feud).

Alas, it’s not that much of a surprise that Charlotte turns out to be just a hallucination. But boy, what a hallucination. The girl we saw was a figment of Jane’s imagination – a part of him, of his thoughts. Everything she said and did came from him. From his deepest thoughts and feelings.

So he solved the case with the help of his own mind. Okay. No surprises here. Never doubted he would. It reminded me a bit of the STARGATE ATLANTIS episode “Grace Under Pressure” with McKay trapped in a Jumper under the sea and Sam helping him as his hallucination.

But that’s not what should be of importance here. Because there are two other things that stood out.

First: Charlotte repeatedly complaining about Jane’s Red John obsession. Clearly there is a part of him that just doesn’t want to be the man he is now. That doesn’t want him to devote his life to finding Red John and taking revenge. Because it is all he does, it is all his life’s purpose. What else does he have? Nothing. He lives only for Red John, one could say. Of course that’s no news; but it is that he himself, subconsciously, thinks that. Or is it what he’d think his daughter would say could she see him now? In any way does he kind of criticize himself. If only he’ll heed his own words.

And then there’s the other thing. Charlotte notices that even with her, with a hallucination and therefore his own mind, he pretends to be someone else. When he is lying at the hospital, she asks if anyone knows who he is – if anyone knows his real self, the man behind the facade. His reaction? “Lisbon.” He calls for her. The thought that enters his head after Charlotte has asked him is Lisbon. Whether his reaction was an answer to the question or not, it is connected, one way or another.

Not to speak of all the other moments. Charlotte noticing that Lisbon is cute, and asking whether the two of them ever… *did something*. Again – Charlotte is only in Jane’s mind. She is his mind. His thoughts, his subconscious. Which subsequently means that all the things about Lisbon Charlotte voices are actually Jane’s thoughts, impressions and feelings. To me it proves more than anything that his feelings for Lisbon are way more than strictly friendly. Maybe it takes him years to get there, with all his emotional baggage, but indeed he is falling in love with Lisbon, or already has, just as Lorelei said.

Also, in his drug induced state, he told “Teresa” that she can call him Patrick, something that was kinda out of context, but the still very interesting. A little moment, almost missable, but it was there. I assume that some day, some episode when we don’t expect it, this will play a role again, because while he is infrequently calling her by her first name (it has become more often over the years), she has never done so – except for the one time when she introduced herself and him to a witness.

On the other side, we have Lisbon and her actions. When Jane collapses in the kitchen of the victim’s house, she’s worried to no end and immediately says that she’ll accompany him to the hospital. There wouldn’t be a need for that; she could just have visited him later. But she went with them, and she looked so anxiety stricken that I wanted to hug her.

Then came the scene when Jane awoke, and I actually thought she’s lean down any moment to kiss him, because she looked incredibly happy. If Jane is falling slowly and bit for bit, she seems to have already crashed down into the love she feels for him, or at least the strong affection. One could say that the hospital scene was a bit overdone, but my shipper heart thought of it as absolutely squee-worthy 😀

What else I noticed was that Cho took over charge when Lisbon wasn’t around (which makes me wonder where his development is headed – maybe he’ll be offered an own team one day, but refuses because the “family” needs to stay together?), and that they really have reduced Grace’s role (because of Amanda’s pregnancy). The latter is a bit irritating, to be honest, and I had to remind myself repeatedly that it’s not because they don’t like the character or anything.

The ending broke my heart. Although it didn’t say anywhere on the bag or anything, it’s clear he got himself the belladonna again – to get back his daughter. And I hurt so much for him then, because it showed once more, and maybe more clearly than ever before how broken he is.

As for the episode in general: I wasn’t sure what to expect of it when I first read about it and heard and saw spoiler and promos. But, to my mind it was a very, very good episode especially because of this insight into Jane’s mind – in a rather subtle way he couldn’t control (contrary to flashbacks earlier in the show that were mere memories, but didn’t reveal much about him; the real him).

Good thing I didn’t have the time to watch the episode earlier – definitely makes the wait for the next ep a bit shorter 🙂

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