As much as one loves a show, there will of course always be episodes one doesn’t enjoy as much as most of the others. That doesn’t make a show bad in any way, nor does it do the same to particular episode.
The latest MENTALIST episode was all about Wayne Rigsby. I like Rigsby. But, to me he’s not the most interesting character. And yet was even that episode touching.

For the second time, we saw Steven Rigsby, Wayne’s father. My big problem here is that I don’t like the actor. It’s just… I don’t like him. The thing with people you just don’t like, for no reason at all. That doesn’t change the fact though that he played very well – and that I felt incredibly sorry for Wayne when his father died. I had no idea what the outcome would be; at first I thought that Steven may just survive. On the other hand was this “flashback ep” kind of already giving it away, since the hearing where Rigsby told about the events was held because he’d killed a man in what was supposedly cold blood.
The nice gesture here was that Rigsby got a chance to kind of reconcile with his father before his death. Obviously he had never before heard from Steven any words that indicated that he was proud of his son. What I am missing here is a bit that development in Rigsby that shows which background he has. Didn’t I know I would never assume that he has serious family issues. Maybe that’s where the writers out all their concentration into Jane and also Lisbon, but left out the other three. Surely this isn’t the best of ways; I’m happy with it though, as Jane and Lisbon are central characters here.
So, the episode held few insights into the characters, despite being a character episode. Nevertheless, we saw Rigsby’s apartment for the first time – as we saw his son, Ben. I actually must have missed the part where he split up with the child’s mother (though I think I remember that now) and that he was living along with his son.
What we also saw was how close the team is. They were pensive with then didn’t know yet of Rigsby’s fate. Lisbon waited with him at the hospital (though she probably also did it so she could talk to Steven since she’d be neutral where Risgby himself is of course personally involved). And after Steven had died, Grace was the first to hug him.
Especially the last point is important – since the season started, there had been few hints at Wayne’s and Grace’s relationship and a possible comeback to it. I’d like to see them together again; just as I’d like to see them work it out with regulations. Also, it could be interesting with Wayne’s son and how Grace would behave, how she would take care of him.
The case brought a few nice Jane/Lisbon moments – some more of the sibling kind, some… different. Most notably I wondered why Jane was complaining about Lisbon doing paperwork. It sounded more like a husband who wanted his wife to forget work and have a nice evening with him. It was also a light filler scene, nothing that lay focus on. It confused me, to some extent, just as it intrigued me…
The ending was… well, it was extremely sad, but also incredibly good and excused what was for me a more weak episode. Of course would Rigsby cry as soon as he was alone at home. He’d hold back so long – not counting that he’d shot the guy who’d killed his father to death (which was justified in that situation they were in – and I’m not talking about revenge). But seeing him in tears while holding his son – this was purely heartbreaking. In the semi-dark room, it appeared as if there was nothing and no one else in the world except for Ben. We know it isn’t true… and yet it is, in some way. He may have Grace and Cho, but neither of them is the right person to console him. It was a moment where I felt terribly sorry for Rigsby – and thus it was a clever way to end the episode.
Next week we’ll learn how the very first meeting and case of Jane and the team went. And I’m really looking forward to it because I think it will be an important puzzle piece to the MENTALIST mythology! 🙂

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