Like a chance to take a breath, this episode was no mythology one, but a normal case of the week – well, if you don’t count the ending. That of course had to be another punch in the gut, just when one thinks one is safe.

As said, with this being no mythology ep, there’s not so much to talk about. I usually don’t write about the cases unless I think they are especially clever or intriguing. This was a nice and entertaining one, but nothing to knock you off your shoes. Guess that’s bound to happen when you watch too many crime shows… the cases as such are nothing special, except for one or the other nice twist that make them intriguing.
Still, “Black Cherry” contained a few very enjoyable Jane/Lisbon moments – starting with the beginning. Obviously, to get out to their crime scene, the car ride was a bit longer. And the whole time Jane must have been writing in his little black book. It’s the names of people he shook hands with – it’s his attempt to identify who is Red John. Last week, Lorelei revealed to Jane that he shook hands with RJ already, and that she wonders that they didn’t become friends at an instant.
I was actually considering making such a list, but found that it would be in vain, because it is impossible to get all characters he’s shaken hands with and are possible for a role as Red John. I think I rather wait what the show will reveal… 😉
In any way, I loved how Lisbon asks him if she is also on the list, since they’ve shaken hands as well, and he tells her that he sees her as a friend, hence not as RJ, since Lorelei indicated they are no friends. What I loved even more was that little moment that, for me, was unusual – Lisbon didn’t show a typical “I pretend to ignore his comment” or “I pretend to see no importance in it” behavior, as she has often in the past years when it came to Jane praising her or him saying anything about their relationship. No, this time she smiled and appeared happy that Jane thinks of her as a friend – as she certainly returns this feeling (if not more… sorry, shipper, me).
The following scene was funny – except for the dead body of course. Jane totally nailed his “I’m in charge” attitude, and Lisbon let him… until some point at least, where she stopped him. Was a bit like a mother letting the little one play out a role, but in the end reminding him that he should still know the boundaries…
When Jane verbally attacked the guy on the golf course who he told that he was a suspect (of course he didn’t show up again later), I laughed out loud. Well, I did on Lisbon’s reaction to Jane’s “good” behavior: “You can write my name down in the book.” I just loved it because it was again this little clever trick THE MENTALIST often uses. Kind of a brick joke, actually. Love, love, love them.
This is the season of Jane and Lisbon, and the episode once again, like the others in the past weeks, showed it clearly. The symbiosis, the chemistry and dynamics are almost tangible. Sure, there is still banter, lots of it, and I’m very happy about that. But how they work together seems to be a buildup to something bigger, something we might see in the second half of the season, towards the end. In general, it is interesting and funny at the same time how much Lisbon trusts Jane. Despite everything he’s done. Or maybe because? Who knows. Fact is that it is Lisbon who knows him best; sometimes I like to think better than he can guess.
Also, Jane’s influence is increasing. He makes her prevent the kid from being sent into foster care, for which she has to convince Sarah (Rigsby’s ex – why don’t I like her?) not to charge the kid’s sister. Funny thing is, I would rather have expected Lisbon to be the one to take the initiative here; it kinda surprised me that she needed that push from Jane. After all, it’s her story, in some way.
All in all was this another sweet insight into their relationship during a normal case, and how much has changed due to everything that has happened. It surely has an effect on their daily life and work as well, and I think it’s great.
Hilarious: The scene in the house. Jane and Lisbon peering over the counter to the suspects. That was such a great picture!

As mentioned, the ending then included a sucker punch. For me especially, because: The names in Jane’s little book weren’t all too… promising. So we only saw one page, okay. But – Minelli? And, even more – Mashburn??? I love Mashburn. No really, I do. I’m so hoping that he comes back, and actor Currie Graham, according to what he wrote via Twitter, is hoping the same. But do I want him as RJ? Would I believe it either? I don’t think so. I just can’t imagine Mashburn being RJ. It neither fits what we’ve seen and heard of RJ so far, nor does it what we know of Mashburn. He may be a spoiled, rich guy, but I can’t see the serial killer in him.
If it was for that, I could even see RJ in Minelli; maybe because I actually have that feeling, or maybe because there were so many talks about Minelli being RJ that I’ve started to believe it. But Mashburn – not a chance. I really, really hope not. Or Bruno needs a damn good explanation. Problem is that I’m afraid he’d find one. He’s just that good.
However, one thing would make it very interesting – Mashburn slept with Lisbon. That would be one hell of a twist. Lisbon with RJ, Jane with Lorelei who is RJ’s associate (and still alive, which has to mean something, as RJ usually is quick in killing those behind him who fail).
Oh dear. Here we go with MENTALIST getting even better and more thrilling where you wouldn’t have thought it possible.
Another little thing is the new woman, Tamsin Wade, from the CBI Gang Division. So she’s recruited Cho, what I suspect will have some meaning later on, and – was she flirting with Cho? Was there chemistry between them? I thought so, but then I couldn’t really tell since I was distracted by her being the police officer from Lie To Me who had this very strange non-relationship with Lightman…
Anyway. One episode to go before the midseason break. Hopefully they won’t end to mean…

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