After the last episode that featured another glimpse at the Red John storyline and its development, with #14 we return to the more light plots.

Again we find Lisbon in her poker meeting. This really is getting interesting as to where it will lead later on. Certainly these poker meetings have to have another purpose than just the obvious, the one that involves her job and being more successful when it comes to favors she has to ask of superiors of any kind. We also see that here when her winning a game has Bertram soften in regards to Van Pelt’s special training program she has to go to L.A. for.
The thought I had right at the beginning was – why isn’t she trained by Jane? Because then she obviously wasn’t; and no doubt is Jane a very good poker player. Indeed is this answered in the end when Jane practically makes her sit down with him and play. The stakes are sweets, which I thought was totally cute 😀
Still, the question why Lisbon is playing has not yet been answered. Knowing THE MENTALIST, I almost assume that it will have something to do with RJ. It somehow seems logical. So what if Lisbon is in the lion’s den? Or better yet – what if she isn’t, but quite the contrary has found a group of people secretly fighting against RJ? Ah, the waiting. Not a great thing to do…
But back to VP for a moment. A computer seminar – really? Is it what she’s about to do? Or is this only some sort of disguise? We’ve seen VP sympathizing with Visualize in the past – what if this seminar is only an excuse to get to another seminar, one held by Visualize? I know and fear that VP’s obvious connection to the sect will have consequences later on.
Anyways, on the case-related side we start with Lisbon fainting when she sees… what is left of their vic – well, what the flesh eating bugs have left of it. Luckily I’m used to seeing these things, thanks to BONES. Lisbon – not so much. Poor woman makes it straight for the floor, but is caught by Jane. And yes, I thought that this was adorable. Can’t help myself.
Then we have a moment that was like a gift from the writers – a gift of domesticity. Because we find a reversed picture of the usual – Lisbon lying on the couch, Jane sitting at the desk. So apart from them using Lisbon’s office like their own little living room, apart from Jane more and more occupying Lisbon’s office and abandoning his couch in the bullpen, this is another step in their way towards this incredible comfort they show and seem to feel around each other. The fact that the roles are reversed here speaks volumes. It is actually something that can easily be taken from the CBI building and set into one of their homes. Basically, they have everything in their relationship other couples have as well – minus the physical/sexual part.
Then there is this moment that is of course a matter of interpretation – there are two ways to look at it. When one woman from the case, Sonia, admits to be interested in Jane, but is holding back because he has his wedding ring, he doesn’t deny to be married.
Now, so far this ring was of course first and foremost a reminder of his mission; a reminder of what he has lost, and ultimately also means to keep any women away from him – because he’s not ready to move on, and because he can’t afford to be distracted. Lorelei was different, as she also approached him differently (Besides, that man was celibate for how many years?! Can’t blame him, really…).
The other thought here, however, would be that maybe he’s holding back and keeping himself free for one special woman; the one he trusts most, who knows him best, and with whom he can imagine to be once he’s freed of his emotional baggage, and of his “mission” to catch RJ, his path to vengeance. In his mind, he may indeed be married, or at least be taken in some way.
Last thing to notice: The gifts from the museum gift shop. Everyone got something – except Lisbon? I really wondered about that. I don’t think we saw anything, but it should be a reason to wonder if Jane didn’t get her anything…

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