I was a bit sad, if not to say disappointed with that episode – I actually expected something a bit more… spooky. Something that would have made use of that beautiful mansion. Well. Can’t have it all, and at least there were a few great moments on the J/L side 🙂

Number 15 is once again an episode that mostly features Jane and Lisbon working the case. Not that I complain. It’s those episodes especially that always give us another bit of insight into their characters, personalities, and also their relationship with each other. Sometimes it feels like all this, everything they talk about, everything they agree or disagree on when daily life is concerned, every time when likes and dislikes are exchanged, is only a preparation – like one very long date in which two people get to know each other in a way that will quickly tell them if they are compatible, if sharing their lives could work out.
Here we start with Jane and Lisbon first having a conversation about the mansion their latest case is set in. They talk about the big house, and living alone in it; how that would be, how they would like it. We have to remember that Jane does have a villa, but he doesn’t live there anymore – of course because this was his family home where he lived with his wife and daughter, so being there would be too painful, but I guess also because having such a big home all too himself would make him feel even more lonely. I mean, wouldn’t everyone feel like this?
Clearly Jane and Lisbon both agree that while the mansion is beautiful, they rather have a smaller living space; one you won’t get lost in. So we can put a “check” here – they certainly would find somewhere to live, somewhere they’d both like.
Next on we have a scene at the marina – Jane likes the idea of a sailboat, of sailing, being out on the ocean. Lisbon, however, doesn’t seem to be all that enthusiastic about that thought. So they probably would have a boat; because it would be nothing they would together, and Jane is not that type of man to go and have a bit alone-time on his boat.
This is how it could go on. All these little things, strewn across the seasons (but especially the last two I’d say), that are like a preparation for the moment when finally RJ and all the other big issues are gone from their lives, and they can move on; they can be together. Now, I may be dreaming here, but I can’t help myself see it as this, because why else should the writers have them get to know each other in that way?
Other than that, the episode mostly consists of cute-funny scenes. Like when J&L return to the mansion and Lisbon tells Jane not to scare her. When he wants to know what she takes him for, is her answer:
“I’m not gonna answer that because I’m a nice person.”
Jane actually looks shocked/hurt after this, and you wonder how affected he really is by her words, and how serious she is about. We know there is some truth behind her words, and we also know that Jane knows that she isn’t entirely serious. But in the end it comes down to him needing her approval, in some way, I guess, and this is what we see here.
Then we have the wife of a former suspect that was cleared hugging Jane – with Lisbon standing next to them, looking slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed. It’s interesting how they play these feelings between those two that were announced before the season; it’s a very typical MENTALIST way, not straight forward, but between the lines. Here Lisbon is jealous, but she doesn’t really show it; instead there is a downcast look, then a raised eyebrow at Jane when he looks at her over the hugging woman’s shoulder – almost apologetically.
And then there is this interesting moment when Jane says that the people can thank him by forgiving his “colleague” – curiously emphasizing the word the woman used before to describe Lisbon. So the question is how would he rather have described her? As a partner? A friend? Or is it just that he feels colleague is the wrong word, but he wouldn’t know what else to say either? We’ve heard before that he sees Lisbon as a friends, but this whole scene, if everything’s taken into account, more makes an impression of we’re not together yet, but I also don’t want to let any other woman get close to me because Lisbon means too much to me.
Last on this a funny little exchange happening in the end, when Jane and Lisbon playfully argue about how Jane solved the case: “That’s no police work, that’s guessing.” – “You should try it sometime.” And I guess Jane is right; often the gut feeling is much more reliable than any evidence in the world… 😉
One other thing, on the not J/L front – Rigsby and Grace. Now that Grace is in LA, Rigsby has an even harder time coping than he did when she was still around… and he busy with his own (failed) relationship. When a postcard arrives from Grace that doesn’t address him personally, he’s pretty disappointed. So Cho tells him to move on because whatever was between him and Grace, it’s over and he has to accept it. Cue Rigsby visiting dating sites. As if this can work.
Speaking of Grace and LA. The postcard is another reason for me to believe that she’s doing a lot more there than just visiting a computer seminar. The card is so impersonal as you wouldn’t expect it from Grace, and all the more I suspect her being in the hands of Visualize. But we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

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